Embarrassing Moments...

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  1. endlessskies58

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    What are some of the most embarrassing moments you've ever had? Those moments where you look back and want to give up simply because they are pushing you over the edge...

    And finally... Are they really that bad? Or is it all in our head?

    Time heals everything. And people I think are more forgiving than they seem.
  2. Bambi

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    Heal this...

    I was stopped at a red light next to Niki Sixx of Motley Crue in LA. I was looking hot and it was the height of metal head mania...I was cute back then,really.
    Well I had to be cool as he looked over at me and smiled.
    I reached into my purse and pulled out what I thought was a cigarette.
    I put it in my mouth
    I went to light it.

    Bam! I lit a tampax on fire thinking it was a cig!

    I let the light turn green and just stayed there.
  3. Godsdrummer

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    When I was in junior high school we had to do a verbal report on a famous person. Well I had recently watched Smokey and The Bandit and thought that movie was really cool and so instead of doing a report on a President or someone important, I did a report on Burt Reynolds! :blink::biggrin:
  4. akito38

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    when I got into an epic argument with my parents (when I was much younger) and ended up locking my self in the bathroom trying to slit my wrists. (I got one)

    When I had a breakdown at my last job several years ago and could not even leave the house for a good six months.

    I guess these are more shameful moments than anything though.