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    Night passed as I woke again
    from livid dreams as fresh as pain
    Teasing my mind and heart's desires
    with that blonde and his tender smile

    Time was sluggish, or so it felt
    the end of the day wasn't near enough
    The emptiness inside seemed to grow
    as I knew that my angel wouldn't show

    Hope was gone and dreams were crushed
    as I edged closer to my death
    The world roared and swirled beneath me
    far too busy to notice my grief

    A hand on my shoulder brought me back
    to a land of love, and joy at that
    Through the agony I heard a voice whisper
    "You have so much to live for."

    I'd heard many times before
    in both my dreams and the waking world
    Strong arms embraced my trembling frame
    I was finally his, the man with the wings
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    Great poem, I enjoyed reading it :)
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