Emergency Scholarships?

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    Okay, the prelude to the question I am about to ask is I have read stories about teens whose parents didn't pay for their college tuition because the teen was homosexual. I, myself, see this as a clear possibility, seeing as my parents are very very conservative, and I am preparing for the worst case scenario.

    So, my question is: How many scholarships are out there for teens who go through this (in the US)? Is it possible to get a full ride if your high school grades are good enough? Also, for those who know, is it terribly difficult to have a part-time job and go to college?
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    From my high school credentials, I was offered full tuition and room/board coverage for my first two years at a top university, with very modest loans for my second two years. Getting a full ride is definitely possible if you keep your grades high and have a solid extra-curricular background. Totally possible to work part time and go to college as well, though it's something that is more easily accomplished after you've been in college for a couple of years (after you've gotten into a "groove" and have learned how to manage your time effectively).

    There are some scholarships out there that exist for LGBT students. You can do a search for LGBT scholarships and you'll see quite a few resources. Check out this webpage: http://www.hrc.org/issues/youth_and_campus_activism/8644.htm

    Not sure how updated HRC is keeping that list, but it's a lengthy one, and probably useful. Hope this helps!