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Does anyone else have a severe phobia of vomiting or being around others who are gagging or vomiting? I'm just curious because I have this phobia and it's hard to deal with at times.

Anyone with other phobias?


No, i don´t.

Fears... be locked in a small room or elevator, some insects, people and social situations, hights, snacks, parasites,....


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My fears are the same as your MariaM except for snacks.
Actually, I don't have a problem with spiders though but absolutely hate cockroaches.
Very uncomfortable around people and social situations.


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I certainly don't like to vomit, or be around anyone who vomits, but I don't have a fear of it. I fears that I know of is snakes and social situations...I guess thats about it for me. I certainly don't like spiders or insects, but don't have a great fear of them. My apartment was infested with cockroaches for about four months when I moved in...ewww
My college roommate had a serious phobia of vomiting. One time I got bronchitis and I never threw up, just coughed a lot. But she was sooo scared that I was going to throw up that she packed up half her stuff and left for 3 weeks. :blink:


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i loathed throwing up all my life, even tho its normal and helps get rid of bad crap, i hated it
it got worse after i got pregnant and ended up with hyperemesis with two of them
uncontrollable vomiting, in and out of the hospital, even when nothing is in your stomach, you throw up stomach acid, etc etc
cant keep down a sip of water even and i lost 35 pounds with my first pregnancy
ended up with a lot of symtoms of bulimics, lesions in the esophogus, etc and still recovering years later from spasms in my stomach that caused so much pain once i passed out and ended up in the ER
so, now i hate it ever more after all that and yes, if someone vomits i run and avoid it... but not for 3 weeks :)
I can´t see blood and can´t smell the odor of a butcher´s shop. In that cases I will vomit.

A few days ago friends brought me offal of a lamb in an open bowl for my parents. They didn´t know my phobia. I saw that stuff and vomitted. I´m glad that I didn´t vomit into the bowl. My parents love lamb, but I´m a vegetarian.

I have problems to watch movies like "Platoon" or "A Bridge to Far", because of the shown blood. I´m not interrested in horror-movies. If i would watch them, it would work only with a bucket.



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I used to have a dreadful fear of vomiting - just couldn't do it. I'd be sicker than two dogs and still not be able to. I finally got over it when I was so sick that I had no choice:ohmy: but to puke to feel better. After that I'm not so phobic, but still hate like hell that overwhelming feeling of being controlled by my gut!:rolleyes:



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theleastofthese, I think you said something really important when you mentioned being controlled by your gut. There was a survey done amony emetophobes and over 90% of them said they have control issues. I know I do. I think vomiting or being around people who vomit is really about not being in control. I fear losing control of myself and that is probably the real problem.



I am totally phobis of sick, in all ways, too.

I don't have anything constructive to add, but if you ever need a chat, my pm box is always open

Take care


I have that too,it used tobe bigger when I was younger...can u imagine I would choose not to go to long school trips cause I was afraid someone at the bus would vomit...I used to get pretty freaked out when someone said he/she was gonna vomit and I still do,I cannot explain it though,I dont know why I am afraid of it...I never vomit,every two-three years or even more


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i don't really understand why someone could really have emetophobia, but i guess that's why they call it an irrational fear. on second thought, i do have an irrational fear of social situations (like many of us), but i don't really think it's a phobia per se. i thought that was interesting though about the control thing. your muscles basically make you their bitch, while all you can do is wait for it to end. but sometimes throwing up is a good thing.. like when i've been drinking and cant lie down because when i do the room starts to spin and makes me feel awful.. so i intentionally puke in a decent place to get some of the alcohol out.
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