Emily has passed...

Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by carol2237, Apr 6, 2008.

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    Hello all,

    Last night, a dear friend of mine Emily Burke was in a car accident and was declared dead at the scene. Also in the car were her older brother (who was driving), a good friend of hers and another boy Rodolfo Colderon, who was also declared dead at the scene. The driver and Emily's friend are ok, one has a bruised lung, the other a broken pelvis... This is a hard time for their families, friends, and everyone who knows them. I wrote a poem to try to release the feelings, but i dont think it worked...

    Emily Burke
    A true friend
    'Till the very end
    Thoughtful and kind
    Young and talented
    Going somewhere
    In life
    These are words
    Others would use
    To describe her
    Yet, there really
    Are no words
    She was
    Young, cheerful
    Full of promise
    A great softball
    Player, Energetic
    Always smiling
    That wonderful smile
    Loved by all
    But in the end
    Those are just words
    And i for one know
    Words cannot begin
    To describe
    Emily M. Burke.

    We love you hunny, I know you are in a better place now. Rest up until I can join you and we can have those crazy parties we had planned.

  2. Patch

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    I'm so sorry.
  3. carol2237

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    Wow... Today is a memorial concert in Emily's honor. I want so much to go, but I cant. I cant face that pain again, especially amongst everything else going on. I hope she understands :cry: She was always there for me. Always. But I could not be there for her funeral, or even a concert in her memory. I am such a worthless, horrible person.

  4. mdancey

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    Oh honey,

    You are not worthless or a horrible person. We all deal with grief in our own way and there is nothing wrong with that. You and her know how much you miss her and are thinking about her and what her loss means to you.

  5. ScouseJM

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    Carol, she knows. I truly believe that she does, and I also believe she is smilin down at you sayin its ok :hug:
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    Im so sorry for your loss :hug:
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    You are not a horrible person and Emily knows it and understands hun. You shared a wonderful bond and friendship and still do. I'm certain Emily knows that she will always have a special place in your heart, thoughts and life. And she understands why you couldnt be there Caroline. Please dont be so hard on yourself, she does understand hun.
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    I'm soooo sorry!!!!!!!!!!
    you can pm me anytimes if you want to talk