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  1. LoD

    LoD Well-Known Member

    Hello, first off let me explain why I'm starting this thread. ^^ I'm trying to find out why there are so many people out there who are depressed and 'pretending'.

    Why I began thinking about it is because I saw a HUGE group of emos at the train station. And I'm talking huge. 20 of them, at least. More flooding towards the group every minute. This kind of triggered me thinking about why they existed and well, a friend of mine had a few speculations, which I'll here state, including my own ideas on it.

    Well, first let's capture the period we're living in: we're stupid. Machines grow smarter by the day and we spend less time actually thinking things through, just letting machines do it, there's no craft to be learned, there are buttons to be pushed. Each and every ounce of work saved by a machine is slowing us down.

    Making humanity less in touch with themselves. Before, when you wanted to go see someone, you had to go see them. Until recently you had to call them, talk to them, ask them. Now you send an email, say a quick 'hi' on MSN. Our communication is dying.

    First I wanted to blame tv, it's an easy scapegoat. The shows care nothing about quality, it's ratings. Of course, T.V. has been a good contribution to the problems we see today, the death of morality and such. Still, next to that, the internet is playing a huge role.

    Well, okay, I've reached the point now that I need to think about it myself, I'll sleep on it, think it over during breakfast, read it again after that and read any possible replies and answer them. Please, let me hear your thoughts, if you've made it this far with reading, at least leave a reply. Any word is welcome, you won't seem stupid. There are no stupid questions, no stupid answers, no stupid ideas.
  2. Bostonensis

    Bostonensis Guest

    Forget the other emos leave the net alone.Technology is a product of science. If we choose to go retro that is cool too. Raise ina a wilderness /farm I can only relate the wisdom that mother nature has open for time & space to explore & move on. When the bathroom is the wilderness & the toilet paper are the leaves, you can only only hope to make a good judgement that it is not the equivalent of the poison ivy.No electtricity ,a flashlight is the best tool to check how the humming birds sleep at night.

    Take a dive in the river before heading to school that is the bath for the day.It was indeed a fun that nature gave us to create or recreate & find the wisdom in doing or not doing.

    Do not assume that what you see in the trains constitute the majority of the emos. Do not assume that when you are a Jew you can represent the Jewish population so to speak. I do prefer to go retro but selectively. Washing clothes by hands gives me pleasure as I can relate this wringing of the clothes to the grip I wanted to achieved in the flexibility of my wrists in every swing of the rackets in tennis.

    Technology is good. Had einstein know then how his theory been exploited now , I am sure he could have change his mind. This is an absolute gift from another human ,not god,that is extremly helpful if we use his theory right.

    O men the clock is wagging her finger again.Yes clock I am coming. gotta go nightie nghtie.

  3. Bostonensis

    Bostonensis Guest

    I think the chaos is not on the technology .It is in the brain of some people.

    My Dad always said this, becoz you can afford to pay someone or can buy the machines who or can do them for us is not an excuse that we do not DO it ourselves when we can.

    We lost track of this proponents of values. The emos in the trains are the ripple effects.
  4. junkie

    junkie Guest

    I think humans are smarter than they've ever been and continue to get smarter. New inventions and innovations are happening daily, and thanks to the internet billions of people have access to more information than they could possibly process.
  5. Innocent

    Innocent Guest

    Hmmm maybe they aren't pretending....
  6. LoD

    LoD Well-Known Member

    In my eyes, technology is our downfall. ^^ We keep making things that destroy, make mass-manipulation easier and easier each and every day. We fill our heads with useless information, while there is so much more out there.

    I'm not trying to belittle emos by writing this story by the way, I'm looking for an explenation in the growth of depression and increase in seperated groups in society. This is not about wheither or not emos are pretending.

    My beliefs lay rested upon that we are not meant to live in such a manner. ^^ We are not meant to live up to age 60. Let alone 112, which is the current record. I've read that the ages will only grow, can you imagine? People living up to 130, crazy world. This is not how it's meant to be.

    The world is slowly falling apart, I'm applauding it myself. Still, I believe technology can be blamed. We get almost no more chances to show our emotions, they're muffled the moment you can talk and when you can start to think, you're behind a gameboy.

    Just see technology as another religion. Most religions tend to recruite their members by 'brainwashing' them into believing. They tell it as the only truth, with not a chance to doubt it and if you're not old enough to say 'no' against it, you're in.

    Technology does exactly the same, you use it, learn to live with it and are held back by it. Of course, I'm not saying all technology is damned, mainly I'm talking about internet, gaming and television. Vaccuum cleaners do their part in this war, still their effects are discardable.

    Every day I see more and more people having problems showing their emotions, it annoys the hell out of me. Why not just walk up to them and tell them what you think?! Why not? 'That's not morally correct', screw morally correct...

    Okay, I'll start ranting... so I'll stop writing. Ehm.. In case people haven't noticed, I have an incoherent way of writing... And I can't bring myself to read back, because I'll delete everything I've written. Please, if something in my post is unclear or my post itself makes no sense, let me know. ^^
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