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    I guess I'll start by saying I'm not trying to offend anyone here or anyone in paticular. This is Let it all out, right?


    Emo's. I just looked the other way, when I first heard that term. Though lately it's just been comin' up way more then I thought. First I heard it as a fashion, you know, those retarded tight clothes. Then it's the whole guys with make up thing. Really not my problem, because yet again I look the other way. Who cares, right? Doesn't bother you if it's everyone elses problem. But then it gets to this whole thing with criticizing music. Criticizing people who are suicidal. Practically making it worse for those who are depressed, and the asses who have the audacity to 'pretend'. I still didn't mind that much, but now that it's so 'popular' it's been pissin' me off.

    Music. Why did it come to this? Something revolutionized music as for men to wear make up and tight pants, and look like a woman. But then the term 'emo' gained a much bigger ground. Now, any time someone wears all black, it's 'emo'. What the hell? Black is a good color. Used to be rocker, now it's emo. Not everyone puts the make up and butchered hair do, thanks.

    But what really grinds my gutters is that people think they have a right to judge new and old music. The fools. Okay, so yeah, there is emo music, and it's hell annoying. Those really stupid voices. Singing like freaking idiots. I'm a lover of rock, but Emo puts that to shame. It's so ridiculous. And anything emo's do, becomes under it's label. I hate it.

    First it's with, oh that song's emo because it's about Suicide. Lots of the new stuff is. That and cutting / self harm. I won't doubt that most of the new stuff by emo's is completely ridiculous. But there are songs, old ones, before this whole emo craze people start calling 'emo'.

    There's a fine line between emo and not. I don't know what else to call it. But I know there are so many artists who are sharing experiences, feelings and such. Some people had rough lives, and some artists just explaining how they felt then. What used to kill them then, and push them to edge. Just like us, here on SF. But then they are somewhere now. And they realize that through a hard time they made it through. Those songs, things like that, anything that people have, those feelings, thoughts, those are things that people can learn from .It's what shows them that they conquered that part of them that was a darkside. Because it was hard then.

    There are alot of songs now, and back then that are like that. But it really puts it to shame when any mention of 'pain' 'suicide' 'hurt' are considered emo. When people do that, it just builds. Because it's not true. Now like I said, there are alot of stuff now that ARE stupid like that. Those artists are total asses. Talking about all this false pain, cutting, suicide. It's sad to see that.

    Now, any sort of expression, 'cry for help' real people, in real pain are in, it's downed by someone criticizing it as emo. That person might've needed help. That person couldd die because of a lack of help. Now, it's because of how the craze has warped people's thinking. If someone's mentioned cutting, it's usually greeted as trying to fit in. That pisses me off. Or a cry for attention.

    Cutting in itself is a way to release. Feelings build, bad ones, and they need a way out. It goes so over the edge that it consumes more coping resources than available. Not to fit in. That's ludicrous. So here we are, some people who are really tryin' to just get by in this life, some without homes, some without parents, some without anything. And the guy/girl next to playfully disarms your only way out.

    So typically, anyone who does self harm is now automatically thrown into the emo bin by default. pretty much anyone who you need to talk to (other then others who are in pain as well) will basically think of you as trying to fit in with the emo fad.

    I'm not a fan of that retarded gangster fad, but that was ten times better then this. It's like gates of hope were taken from people who needed help. Suicide's already like the 3rd or 4th cause of death in young people, obviously that was before the whole emo era. Now that it's popular, it doesn't mean a thing.

    Death is not funny. It's not cool. Yet today it's used so freely. It's really becoming annoying. It's not the haircuts. It's not the guys in tight pants. It's not the damned make up. It's the voice they're silencing.

    A few weeks back I was in the car, talking to my brother and my cousin. We were talking about music, and the like. And we talked about NiN's "Hurt" which was covered by Johnny Cash. "But that's kind of an emo song" He said to me. I wasn't really upset by the comment, but it really made me realize how the tides of opinion changed in this world.

    The song itself was about an addiction to drugs. On how it wasted away their lives, and it's really just left them in shambles. They feel bad, because of what they've done. And they feel so alone and abandoned, that the pain is so great, they feel as if they shouldn't belong. That song was an expression. Tons of music gets lowered by this emo standard. I can't stand it.

    As we continued talking, he said he disliked some of my music because he said it was emo. He said Three Days Grace was emo, which also was more of an in question thing then anything. Again, this band is all about talking about childhood, how hard it was, and their whole second album was about a drug addiction, and how it screws with life. How things get hard, and you just want to let things go.

    But then it's criticized as emo? One of the songs he mentioned was Pain in their second album. The lyrics:

    Pain, Without Love,
    Pain, Can't get enough,
    Pain, I like it rough,
    Because I'd rather feel pain then nothing at all

    You're sick of feeling numb
    You're not the only one
    I'll take you by the hand
    And show you a world you can understand
    This life is filled with hurt
    When happiness doesn't work,
    Trust me and take my hand

    Ofcourse, the average person today might not grasp the lyrics fully as to understand it's a drug addiction, but rather just a generalization of pain. (Thus the title) And ofcourse, by many criticized as emo. The song is talking about how the lead singer spent awhile in rehab, after realizing he had a dangerous oxycontin addiction. because everything around him didn't mean a thing. He couldn't feel anything. The drugs offered a release, an escape, a way to feel alive. But things around him would cause him pain, beause he knew he had a problem. (Thus the line I'd rather feel pain then nothing at all) Now, they do concerts on the side in rehab clinics in the states and Canada for people struggling to quit the habits that they have.

    Alot of artists wrote songs about this. How many of the old rockers lived to the fullest, the terms "Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll"? How many of them do you think went through atleast some sort of pain?

    Drugs, in many ways, just like self-harm is an escape. Things around that person are so painful, they distract themselves with pain, because they feel alive then. Alchohol is same thing. You drink to forget, to feel better. You do drugs to feel good, or so on and so forth. (Not saying that all of thsoe are used ONLY for a distraction, but it's to show that it's commonly used for that. E.G. Obviously just drinking alchohol or getting drunk doesn't mean you're in pain, but it's something some people use as a coping mechanism)

    It's just a headache. I'm tired of hearing how this fad is crushing things that were instituted to help people. How many times have you heard that 'music has helped be get through tough times' because they realize they aren't alone, that alot of people feel alone on this earth, even when they're sourrounded with people. Because life's hard for alot of people. People have sicknesses, hurt, broken homes, nothing.

    And the sharing of it is what people get across. Pain in itself is a whole universe of variety. People here on SF, others who don't have anything, sit in quiet rooms, alone. If we can't talk about it, then it leads to other things. Self-harm. Addiction. Suicide, eventually. If not helped. If there isn't something that really pulls people through it.

    One of my cousins is an emo. He goes the whole nine yards, does the pants, the make up, the ridiculous haircut. And he had surgery on his left hand, because a tendon wasn't working right. It was a big incision, and left a pretty big scar. 6 inches long, and a quarter inch wide. And when he got out, he told people he cut himself. That is digusting.

    People criticize that cutting is a cry for attention. Not always. Not by the people who are in pain. If we want attention, Why do we HIDE our scars? How idiotic. I'm tired of it.

    I'm sick of emo culture perverting things that were once positive and helpful. I'm sick of it stopping help from getting to people who need it. Liars, thieves, it's sickening. And to use it so lightly as a fad, and to fake things like that. I hate it. I usually don't feel so strongly as to hate something like this, but it's purely disgusting. Just gotta wait for this crap to end, the fad will die, and I hope it does soon.

    How long 'till you think people start dying? I mean, honestly, how many people do think will lose their shot at help? Because of a chemical imbalance, or the lack of something in their lives, and not having a good chance to save themselves?

    Ofcourse this isn't the soap box forum. This is the Let it All out. So I'm not here to argue with anyone. I don't know if I offended you or not. But this is my opinion on it. And I won't lie. I hate people who are emo's. But this is just my take.
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    Agreed, wholeheartedly and completely.

    It's like what my friend Ken said. We do it for attention. Cutting is for attention. Depression is only a cry for attention. We don't really MEAN it when we say we're suicidal. We just want attention.

    Attention, attention, god damned fucking attention. I'm not doing it for attention. I'm falling apart. Yes, I dress in a lot more black now, but that's because I'm into punk rock.

    So apparently, I aimed for punk rock and hit emo. It's all emcompassing, all smothering... you try to tell someone how hurt you are, and you're accused of being emo.

    I like Evanescence, the Chuck CD by Sum 41, and Linkin Park. Oh, they're "emo" because they're expressing pain and anger. Oh, I'm emo because I wear my hair over my face occasionally, because I want to hide and disappear.

    REAL depressed people, REAL cutters, REAL suicidal people... it's a cry for HELP. We want someone to HEAR us. We don't want attention. We just need to know that we're not alone, that we're heard and that someone cares.

    X (I'm not even going to bother to spell your name- I'll get it wrong), you have it right. Down with emo. It's hurting people like US.

    So maybe that's why the school counsellers didn't take me seriously when I told them I was suicidal. Because it's a trend now. What if I wasn't alive tomorrow? I bet they'd feel pretty fucking stupid then.

    Thanks for posting this, x.
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    I also agree
    This is too true. anyway with depression or cuts is just considered an "emo" now. I've been called an emo many times, or in states of bad depreesion people have said "stop being so emo"
    Emos have ruined any hope of us REAL suffers getting the help we need.

    It's a shame, but just how our vicious cyle of bad luck and no one caring goes :(
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    so true..

    i have heard that many times myself... you just want attention... then i let one who i thought was a friend know that i came here for support and now everyone knows i am online here both those who are my friends and claim to be my friends and those smart ellick people who think they know it all, so they join just to pm everyone about me and my stupid past.

    and dont think i dsont know you pm others here about me or my past saying i am just playing a game or pretending or just wanting attention, heck even sending me a pm to HELP ME SUICIDE....

    you dont know my pain and you dont know the others here who are REALLY HURTING like me and just joining to chat i am sure the admin will soon find that out.. this isint just a chat forum it is not like those you are used to to laugh and cut up, this is a SUPPORT FORUM...

    so continue to come here and say all you want behind my back and in those pms but you are only saying it to yourself cause those here who do care for me and am my friends forward that pm to me so i know who you are....

    pisces music girl and me and others here are in pain.. and we dont play games , nor want attention.. we are in a real pain... that we battle each day..
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    I agree, I dont really have problems with emos, I have problems with the people who call everything emo. Tho most people who say they are emo, dont even know what emo music is :unsure:
    But I really dont have a problem with the thight pants, lol, guys you should all wear them more. Just kidding.
    Anyway I still look the other way. Im kinda a loner anyway, so I dont notice all that stuff. But yeah, I already hate labels. Especially when they label people, music, things wrong. If you do it, do it right, know what you are talking about. Or better not.
    And can I hit your brother or cousin for saying nin is emo :dry:
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    God, I agree 100% with this whole post Billy.
    That part in particular though.
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    The EMO crowd is one of the dumbest things in the world right now. The word EMO is used far too often. I feel the word and the fad should not even exist.

    Please don't be offended, but your Cousin is pathetic!
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    urrgghh i hate labels, in my opinion a song is only 'emo' if you want it to be. if you compare it to an experince that you've had. I know lots songs that people find depressing and suicidal but i dont, why not just enjoy the artistic side of a song? listen to the guitar, play along i find it quite an achievment when i can play a song right the way through it gives me a buzz its the best form of 'feel good' therepy ive had to date. Anywyay i dont mean to offend anyone here when i say this so sorry if i do; these emos have caused the world to look at people with serious depression who genuinely need help as just attention seeking people and to be fair most emo's are. I hate these people who carve words into their flesh and post them around the web like its cool we may need help but thoose people are just crazy. sorry...
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