emotional abuse

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has anyone ever dealt with someone who thinks because they provide physically and financially for a person that its okay to be completely unsupportive and emotionally abusive

id rather have gotten a drunk bottle throwing belt whipping douche because we couldve just sent him for treatment and its a readily identifiable problem
Abuse is never ever acceptable, too often abusers target the ones they supposedly "love"
Most of the time, these abusers are unhappy within, they are bullies too.
Only when things change and they think about it, do they realise the damage they have caused to the person that loved them so much, but normally thats when the relationship has ended. However, some people don't see it and continue the cycle in another relationship.
I would not put up with it, i would give chances yes, but then i would remove myself whatever. Regardless.
Why? Because i would owe it to myself to be content.

What goes around comes around for abusers, i have no time for them at all.
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