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I read alot of posts on here, and it's mostly people who don't eat period it seems. I almost wish I was doing that instead, I've been struggling with emotional eating. I switch from starvation to binge eating constantly, and I can't enjoy anything in the day without having food. I just hate that food gets such a reaction out of me, I feel addicted to food and its like dopamine overload when I sit down and have a feast in front of me. I'm just tired of it. I don't even want to eat period right now.. but that will only last till I can binge again. I just want the cycle to stop. I just want to eat like normal people, and not have to eat till my stomach is hurting, and bloated. It's so hard though.. I don't know really what the point of this post is or what I'm really trying to say. It's kind of hard to get across my issue via text, but I don't know. /rant
Hard isnt it, i eat as comfort and i eat as punishment, not only punishing myself but other people aswell. its the treat aspect for me, i hate that i do it and ive always wanted to stop, i never want foods that are good for me as i see those as foods i must have.... its foods that are considered bad for me,, i hate me for doing it,, i hate them for being so crappy that i have to treat myself, i hate the men who have hurt me in my life so i need the feeling,,, that comforting feeling that food provides regardless, its never mad with me, its never hateful, it never tries to judge me, its just there.


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ive had issues with eating recently...im not sure im someone you want to talk to...but ill tell you a little bit and if i am you can pm me (for either pm or msn address) i guess..

well i was anorexic for about 2 years (really bad) and then stopped...now im inbetween going anorexic again (for lack of a better term) and binge eating. a bad day out of my control means i binge eat dinner (the only real meal i eat a day) while a bad day because of myself means i barely eat...

i duno if im helpful or not i feel like im not and im sorry for potentially wasting your time with posting :/ sorry its been a bad day for me


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I am an emotional eater as well, I had a real battle tonight not to give into it, hence why I am up so late and on the lap top. I love doing the same, sitting in front of the TV with a feast in front of me and I love how I feel afterwards for about an hour. But after that, guilt, despair, self loathing and panic set in. Plus all the money Ive spent on the food as well as having to dispose of the wrappers, hoping my husband wont come back before I am finished eating. Its a never ending cycle.

What I try to do now is if I know I want to binge, to limit myself to some food, and eat it slowly, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt but the times it does work, I feel really proud of myself.
All this has done is reminded me how good I'll feel if I go and get loads of food and nothing makes me feel better like take away food and capri suns so is eating to feel better just the lesser of two evils?



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I am an emotional eater as well. I wish so hard to become anorexic.
But with my 285 pounds, not even close to be there.

As it is now, my eating disorder is a suicide plan on long time : my doctor told me I am pre-diabetic (another good news) and I have to stop eating sugar...HAHAHAHA I am dead laughing.

Well, one way or the other...

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i know what you mean, im a binge eater too.. its like i dont know when to stop at all. i keep eating like a bottomless pit except im steadily getting fatter and fatter.
does anyone want to be a weight watcher buddy? just a thought i still have from your previous thread..
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