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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Brighid Moon, Aug 26, 2009.

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  1. Brighid Moon

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    I'm writing this up tonight because of the thread about how many people can't get out, or are alone.


    Most places, if you have your animal tagged and in a jacket with patches that state what the animal is, and with smaller dogs keep it in a bag - stores and even restraunts will allow you access. My dog has papers from my psychotherapist (PhD) requesting to enter stores as well and be given accomodation. If the store requests I leave the dog out, I have to abide by their decision (they can't do this with a trained and licensed service animal). In both California and Washington I haven't had a bit of trouble carrying a small (Chihuahua-mix) dog into the store in a bag which I keep in the baby carrier on a cart. Most service people (including managers) are more than willing and happy to accomodate once I explain what she is for (PTSD, anxiety, agoraphobia). Legally they're not allowed to ask, but I don't mind educating people to some degree, and when I don't feel like it I simply carry cards (bought online) that explain, and just hand it to them, but this has only happened once.

    Even with theraputic support animals (psychiatric support) the laws are very vague at this time. There are people who train your dog for you, people where you can buy trained dogs, but you are also able to train your own animal (something which most people, for some reason, don't feel or think is appropriate - they'd rather see paperwork). Training your own dog, it has to fall under certain qualificiations aside from basic obedience and "canine good citizen" behaviour. A list of possible tasks your dog can learn to fall under the PSD qualifications are here.

    I just thought I'd put this up here for a few links for anyone who has, or who may be considering this!
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    thank you brighid

    gosh I'd love a therapy dog.It would change my life..maybe?At least I think in my mind that having a dog like this would change my life.But they need as much love as they give...I could give that...:wub: too bad after reading this I realize I do not qualify. hermm..maybe I can someday get a dog anyways. now on further reading maybe I do.
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