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    I'm very emotional. I have BDP. It's the same. To me.

    I'm so sad my mother died. It was 17 years ago, I was 11, but still. What a void. I'm so sad and depressed Kim Manners died.

    I'm so angry at my father. I'm so angry at Chris Carter.

    I'm so empty.

    I drink, I cut, I take meds, therapy. But it's still here.

    I so love Fox. I so love Mulder.

    I'm all passionate. When you see me... people find me cold, but I'm so deep, and so hurt.

    Some day, some hour, I so want to live, and then I so want to die.

    I lost a child, adopted, I so hate myself.

    I so hate myself, for I was borne.
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