Emotionally Tormented

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    Emotionally Tormented
    Urges overcome caution
    Action interferes with thought
    Silence seems to produce more information
    than a stream of questions.
    Confusion dominates my thoughts
    Uncomfortable with an uncertain future
    Longing to forget times long past
    Pondering the emptiness I so feel
    I have succumb to the stresses
    And it shows no mercy;
    Vague physical discomforts,
    Feeling unloved, insecure,
    And emotionally blocked.

    Efforts don't fit my expectation
    to put one's trust in anything
    A critical flaw I cannot fix
    constraining me
    Power issues erupt within
    And a choice may well be impulsive
    I'm on a fool's errand
    I believe - then doubt.
    Images clouded by idealism
    Feelings of hurt and distrust
    Now judgement tempered
    Thought becomes obscure and unusual
    I battle within

    Frustrated, hopelessly misunderstood
    Overburdened in this wasteful life
    Simply the negative, and the delusional
    The brain turning in many directions
    Convinced it's from within
    But I am not coming to conclusion
    Not even sure anyone's interested.
    For instinct should have known
    They were not as sincere,
    as they seemed at first
    Personal boundaries - defiantly violated.
    Humiliated, degraded and shamed
    Now impacted by lack of emotional control
    Time has become of essence, opportunity not far

    Exhaustion is often results from failure to plan
    And a strong feeling to process thought
    Mentally holding onto impressions and experience
    Viewing only my own circumstances, my worth
    Thinking, talking, evaluating, and dreaming
    Being mindful that whatever is genuine
    Will be hijacked in counterfeit schemes.
    A motive behind their action, not my own
    Disenchanting me, tempting me
    No one will ever understand why
    No matter what I leave behind,
    That I will always understand
    I left that part for myself.