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I feel so, just, empty inside right now. I haven't visited here in a while, which is bittersweet, but I am visiting now, b/c, well... I guess I feel kinda depressed...main things wrong in my life right now & background u may ask? 14 yrs old in America... as for things wrong in life: my grandfather just got out of the hospital after a 5 day stay a couple nights ago...hes 95, and talking to me about how hes going to die soon, or he has lost hope in life at his age... also, now, my mom is just clearly working so hard, for everything....and in i come with my crappy grades and its just tearing her up inside, not just that, other things too though (other things not involving me)... I mean, I have 4 A's, 2 E's, and a D...so, idk.... my GPA probably for this quarter like a 3.15ish? i dont know...
:hug: Sorry to hear things are bad atm, hope things get better for you very soon. Please try to talk to your mom about how you are feeling, and possibly get some extra help with school work if you want to improve? 4 A's is excellent though :biggrin:
Sorry to hear all the pain you are in. It makes it really hard. But you can make it, you are stronger than you know. Please hang in there and stay safe, if you wanna post some more do it, might make you feel better to let it out. :) :hug:


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Fourteen can be a tough age in any country. You are not quite an adult, yet not a child either. Exactly where do you fit in? Your grades don't seem to be that poor. A D may not be the greatest, but you can bring it up later. And besides, everyone is entitled to make some mistakes. you are no different. Your grandfather is sick and you think he may have given up? My dad did that. He knew his time on earth was limited and said he was not going to fight anymore, but when it came down to it he fought valiantly. You have many years ahead of you. Don't let what is going on right now influence everything about the future. Yes it plays a part in who you become, but make that a learning experience. Grow stronger and wiser. The strength, courage, and wisdom lie inside of you. Keep searching for what it can bring to you in the future. My thoughts are with you. Take care. :hug:
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