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I dont even feel like I would hurt myself (or as you say self harming) today.
I cant smile, cant cry, cant yell.

I just feel like an empty body.

Everything seems fine from the outside, but inside is always like a bowl of mixed feelings, but not today. That bowl is empty.

What can I write when talking about nothing.
I wish I could go in bed and wake up in 20 years to see if I feel better.



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I like those hugs, they seem so real when looking at the good I can feel when I look at them.

Finally, I was scared by my absence of emotion and I went to the hospital to see a social worker and get help.

She talked with me until I said I was not going to drink and/or to hurt myself tonight. It took 3 hours.
She gave me a lot of support and I have to admit...some good ideas too.

Thanks to all those who make my life more bearable.
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