Empty wishes

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    I wish the world was a better place to live in,
    I wish I could see what's good at this time,
    I wish I could feel fully again, not inhibited,
    I wish I had the guts to love and accept love, to take risks,
    I wish I would stop thinking so much!!
    I wish life wasn't doomed to fail,
    I wish.
    I wish,
    I wish!!!

    I despair, it'll never be okay, will it ever end, I think so yes but only death can make me whole again.
    Cutting, paranoid, broken, socially anxious, highly tensed, can't ever cry, that's me! ME!!! ME!!! Everything revolves around meeee. So if I die, all the wrong in the world will die with me, nothing will be left, but with the death of one all will be fine and perfect again.


    I wish for a good world to live in without getting stuck in thought, but :cry: I know that cannot be done, thus the only solution is to die
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    You know, I have been thinking about 'wishes' and 'hopes' for a long time now, I think them two words are quite possibly two of the strongest words in the english dictionary because without them, we really do have nothing. Everyone needs hopes and wishes, they provide a base and can give us that push to keep on going. Hoping that things will get better, wishing that things can get better. In reality, you just don't know. In time, things could very well get better and your wishes could very well come true!

    If you die, trust me, all the bad won't go with you. There's badness all around us but try to remember there are some GOOD too! The bad seems to stand out more than the good, just like with everything else, I guess. What do you enjoy doing? The smallest things in life can bring smiles to our faces. I read this thread yesterday, gives a general idea: Click Maybe you could make up one of these lists of your own. :) Take care of yourself. :hug:
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    By dying, you will only add one more wrong to this world. That being the wrong of yet another wonderful caring sincere person losing to the evils in this world by taking their own life. There is something else that can make you whole. The love and concern of the friends you have here. Let them into your heart and let them try to help you through this. Please stay strong and hold on defumar!!!