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    At 25 I feel old and broken. I'm too scared of the future and too stuck in the present whilst the past is too long ago.

    I have few true friends - none of whom are local, family who I love but can't be truly frank with and at some point things are gonna blow up in my face.

    Too scared to go to the GP, too scared to admit how truly shit I'm feeling - and I don't have a sui plan as my get out. I'm back in this place again.

    Did I ever leave?

  2. MisterBGone

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    Don't feel that way about going to the doctor. There's nothing to be embarrassed about: a billion people are probably on pills for their brains! Just be as open and honest with them as you can (the more truthful you are, the more helpful they can be)... It's okay to ask for help sometimes. : ) I do it all the time!
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    If you have an issue blocking your happiness meet it head on. You will find the fear of dealing with it is way worse than the actual action in dealing with it. I am speaking from experience.

    Don't be ashamed for having or admitting you have issues. Everyone does. It generally stems from unresolved issues with others. I tell you forgiveness has been the key in unlocking all my chains. Either me giving or receiving it.

    My thoughts are with you. :)
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    Hi, it's tough when you have an issue that you cannot discuss with anyone. Do think you are on your own, you need to talk to someone. Might be worth speaking to an anonymous helpline to seek reassurance. Keep posting here so we help you. Please take care and do not think you are alone.