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  1. pisces1

    pisces1 Well-Known Member

    Disconnect and self destruct
    one minute at a time
    rip it apart and through it away
    forget all the minutes
    meaningless days
    so empty and bare
    without a heart
    they tried to make you feel
    by taring you apart
    Not letting them win
    you found a way
    got out the daggers
    and chased them all away
    on top of the mountain
    all alone
    its the only way
    to live another
  2. W Miller

    W Miller Well-Known Member

    Well written, and you are always so good at putting your thoughts into poetry. I'm really not.

    I hope you feel better soon :)
  3. pisces1

    pisces1 Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much.
  4. shadowheart

    shadowheart Well-Known Member

    Wow. This is fantastic. So emotive and so beautifully written.
    :] I think I am becoming a fan of yours.
  5. sudut

    sudut Well-Known Member

    good poem.
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