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  1. No_Relief

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    Anyone who is depressed will understand this...don't you just feel like some of us are meant to be depressed and like, i duno, like nothing will make it better...and you wont ever be happy. You can laugh in a conversation but you'll just feel bloody miserable underneath and even worse after and just want to get away and cry. I just want some peace and i can't find it...i just feel depressed and empty, i actually feel to depressed and lifeless to even do anything at all...i have exams in a couple of weeks and i go back to school on wednesday- i always had a shit time and got constantley bullied...its one of the things that made me like this..i actually get scared of going to school because im scared the teachers will get angry with me or something...i just keep crying i can't cope and no one understands that and how would anyone- because they dont know whats its like..i wish i could just escape and disapear. I feel sick and alone and empty- like all the life has gone.
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    Sorry you feel like this. I used to feel pretty depressed my years in high school, the beginning anyway. I used to always be shaky, nervous, and I had a lot of physical pains because of my mentality. Eventually I grew out of it, odd to say, I did and things got better!

    I was bullied, teachers sucked, and I was always stressed. And in truth my life changed when I actually snapped on my parents. It was very hard times for me.

    I don't suggest snapping, but a more responsible route can be taken to cure some of lifes problems and I believe you can do it. Alot of the people who used to bully me actually became good friends except for a few that wouldn't just change. But thats fine, those people are those ones you hear about who aren't worth your while! And believe me other people know who they are too, so your not the only one so don't dwell on that perception.

    Life is all growing friend. And infact with my little exsistence here I find it to be a roller coaster of ups and downs. And I hope you find a way to stay high even when you find a dip. Or atleast hold on till you get to the top again, Cause it can be a rush.
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