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  1. Hello. i have not, for a while used, this website...I, however require, desperately a bit of help... I cannot, into the near future, at all, envision such a thing...Through these eyes, everything seems to quite literally be darkened, or rather shaded for some reason...I have nothing...I understand, that acquired things, over time may fill the nothingness. Time moves too slow... I'd come to truly hate people. Not sure, what ive posted before, but I, presently aswell hate myself... Im giving this person a fair chance, seeking out all possible means of help. this website being one...Not sure what any of you could say, but please, do so, say something. Anything at all... Thank you.
  2. total eclipse

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    I am sorry everything seems so dark right now holding on here can take some of the darkness away others will help you and the struggle will not be so difficult perhaps. Depression hurts i know but it cycles so in time the light will show itself again and who know what tomorrow will bring really Hope you continue to hold on here ok
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    we all here to talk, get help or help someone. please feel free to come to chat room, pm or write here. you one luck man found us :) but we want to hear from you
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    Hate is a choice like any other. It is sometimes easy to make towards others, and sometimes hard to not make towards ourselves, but at the end of the day you can choose to embrace it or not. Usually it comes about because it is easier to control than pain- and puts you in charge- but it never has made a person feel better in the history of the world, just makes them miserable for a different reason and another method to avoid changing things because hating is easy and most other things are harder. We all deserve easy once in a while when fighting has been so long and so hard- but we owe it to ourselves to go back to fighting so every day is not the same (particularly if that every day really sucks).
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    Hey, if you do not use the site for a year or even five years, it does not matter. SF is here for everyone in their time of need and each one here is willing to do all that they can to help everyone else, regardless of how often they log in.

    That you realised that in your time of need right now, and choosing SF as one of the things that could help you get through your current circumstances is a wonderful thing; that you acknowledged you cannot things alone to get through it right now and have asked for help is great and everyone here is willing to do anything in our powers to help you through it all.
    SF is a family, each member and even the staff are family - we all have our own problems and we all support each other, and that you are here now, asking for help, does not mean any of us will desert you, but help you through this, so that when you decide to log-off, you will (hopefully feel at least a little beter than when you logged in).

    Anything you need, do not hold yourself back and please feel free to ask.
    I am sorry that is all I can say to you right now, but I do not know your back story at all, so I am unable to give you any real advice or words of encouragement, except that you are a stong and brave person (much more than a lot of people) to recognise that you need help and actively seek it, so if ever you want, you are free to PM me (also known as Conversation on SF) and talk to me at any time of the day or night; since I am on-line the majority of the time, I can guarantree you that if you do send me a personal message (conversation), I will reply as quickly as I can (usually, that is within 1 hour).

    Hold on to yourself, you might feel like you hate yourself right now, but here on SF, with everyone being family (including yourself as part of the SF family), you are never alone and cared for deeper than you realise.
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