End of Days

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by Darkone, May 21, 2007.

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  1. Darkone

    Darkone Member

    I'm the dark one
    And the lost one
    I want to die
    I do not lie
    I do not feel sad
    Not even a tad
    I think that's why I want to end it all
    Since I can't feel anything at all
    I have no one to care
    It's to hard to bare
    For I'm weak
    But my eyes never leak
    I was never capable of love
    And I'm not pure like a white dove
    God and the world has forgotten me
    Instead it has made me a monster to be
    God I don't want to see fiery coal
    Please have pity on my soul
    I hate the clocks sound
    I feel like I'm bound
    To find a end
    Or can I mend
    Maybe it will be worse if I stay
    For I say good bye and have a good day
  2. Tara

    Tara Guest

    thats a really beautiful poem :arms:

  3. It sure is, though shouldn't this be moved to the poetry section?
  4. AcHo

    AcHo Member

    this poem is awesome
  5. dumdumgurl

    dumdumgurl Well-Known Member

    wow that was excellent. hopefully you channel your negative energies into this type f creativity. i know i had kept 5 notebooks of poems i wrote but then tossed. they wer dark in nature but i do believethey were the only tings that kept me from losing my mind. grew up in a very strict household so "writing" was my escape and giong to work for the third shift and nt dealing with the family when i gt homeand only for about an hour when i was getting ready for work.

    you definitely have a creative talent that i wish i had. please use it to your advantage and write write write. pen and paper are good friends to you. heck maybe you can even publish if you choose to. i'm not just saying that i can be creative and haven't been in awhile...
  6. LostMyMind

    LostMyMind Well-Known Member

    I tried to write a poem here about poop sex but it just didn't come out right. :sad:
  7. Bostonensis

    Bostonensis Guest

    I like this poem a lot. Thank you wiriting it & posting it sharing with us. Very nice...
  8. Darkone

    Darkone Member

    I need true love to save me
    Where is my Angel to be
    I need you so much
    I will die with out your kind touch
    Is it to late
    Can you change my fate
    These walls close in
    They make my head spin
    I begin to fear the light of day
    Becoming lost this May
    God please let me feel loved at least one hour
    Before my heart goes sour
    But if you can do more
    I will never feel sore
    God I'm on my knees
    My heart bleeds
    Please see me and help me to be
    A one with a smile for everyone to see
  9. Darkone

    Darkone Member

    Just when I don't think I could feel more down
    I feel like I'm found
    Maybe just for a little bit
    But wait for so long for it
    God I'm happy for the days I'm treated like a human being
    It's the only days I feel like I'm seeing
    The irony is the happiness only seems to last a day
    I just have to say
    Sometime God I don't get your game
    It seems so lame
    I hate you saving me at the last hour
    You have so much power
    God can you please have me treat like a person
    And stop my cursen
    For all I ever needed was to be feel that I'm loved
    And then I will feel free as a dove
  10. Darkone

    Darkone Member

    What my best friend said the other day
    Was one of the nicest things you could ever say
    It's filled me with hope
    And maybe help me cope
    By finding whats left of the real me
    But what I really need is someone to grab me by the arm and say they love me
    I know that is not much ask
    But it's the only thing that can break my dark mask
    What I feel that is left up me is so little
    I'm trapped in the middle
    Unable to stop this
    Searching thought an abyss
    The day is coming of End of Days
    I just hope it's not this May
  11. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    I like it when Schwartznegger goes,

    "This is the End of Days."

    From the movie, End of Days.

    Other than that, End of Days sucks.
  12. Luliby

    Luliby Staff Alumni


    How could I love you more?
    In a world full of human weakness
    I saw your fate. I felt their hate
    in all the pain I bore.

    You are loved. You are valuable. You are intelligent. You are creative.
  13. Darkone

    Darkone Member

    I hope your not like the rest
    Maybe I will have to put you to a test
    Sometimes I wonder if you really care about me
    Or if your like the rest maybe your using me
    I feel that you are different and truly care
    To not know for sure is so un fair
    People have hurt me so much
    It's hard to know even when I have a kind touch
    You are my last hope to me
    If I loose you I will be unable to see
    You are the last light in my life these days
    My last hope this May
    God please have her be always an Angel forever time
    And give my life more time
    I see things like babies and couples holding hands
    In this clock there is little bits of sands
    Oh but I wish I could feel those two things
    It would make my heart ting
    God please let me know how that feels
    Please make it happen as I kneel
  14. Darkone

    Darkone Member

    I worry these next two weeks
    All alone with walls binding the light of day
    God I'm going to be alone and scared of myself
    The darkness in my heart will only lead to self destruction
    I really need an Angel to let me know I'm loved in my darkest hour
    Only have one person I care about and that I trust
    However, I may not be able to see her
    Treated like a human being at times is the only thing keeping me together
    I have to much money but what is money if you have no one to care for
    Money does not buy happiness
    Am I a monster, is that why I'm alone
    I try to be kind to all but never really loved back
    Sometimes I go days or weeks without talking
    Not that I want too but I'm all alone
    Sometimes I fear that I was never cable of love
    God you know whats happened to me and why I fear love
    But it's the only thing that can save me
    Any love would do expect from my twisted family
    I know my end of days are upon me
    My question is God can you save me
    No therapy can help from the fact of never being loved
    God see this ant for once and save his life and let him feel loved
    That's all I ask
    Or you know what will happen soon
  15. Luliby

    Luliby Staff Alumni

    In the darkness where uncertainty dwells
    I feel the broken peices of my heart on the cold stone floor.
    Can their be more?

    In the darkness where desperation has no voice
    I hear the cry caught in my throat and from my chest it tore,
    "Can their be more?"

    In the darkness where depression rules
    I saw the throne and on the dias was blakness to the core.
    but is there more?

    In the darkness where Darkone is
    I see the bridge, the path to light and everything in store
    for him and more

    and more

    and more.

    There is so much more.
    There can be no end of days with so much promise.

    My God,
    How could you love him more?
    In a world full of human weakness
    you saw his fate and felt their hate
    in all the pain you bore.
  16. Lone_walker

    Lone_walker Well-Known Member

    Wow, i loveit...and the others, there beautifully written.
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