End of Man

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by Krem, Aug 2, 2010.

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  1. Krem

    Krem Well-Known Member


    Years after the last dragon falls
    When Man is at his peak
    When magic has been forgotten
    And myths have been lost

    When the faeries have died out
    And the elves have gone
    When the dwarves have turned to stone
    And demons turned to ash

    When gods have withered away
    And stars lost their power
    When children fear not the dark
    or from lighting cower

    When hope has died out
    And flesh is obsolete
    The machines rise up
    And all of us devour

    No man shall be left alive
    No women either
    All our lands will be set alight
    And all our future crumbles


    We thrive, we develop
    We survive, we adapt
    We change, we evolve
    We wither and die.

    We continue to go further away
    Our rock from the inferno
    Until, at last, we are set free
    And soar through the heavens

    For million years we travel forth
    And then a million more
    There's little left but ash and bones
    But it's not like we mattered

    Soon enough we're torn apart
    Scattered throughout space
    A single spec is all that's left
    Of our thriving race.


    The news-man spoke of global warning
    He warned us of our fuel
    He told us to think of the future
    He told us what to do

    They said that lands would flood
    That crops would fail
    It's almost funny now
    How big was his mistake

    All the water has turned to ice
    And the ground as well
    Everything that was living
    Now is dead

    The blood in my veins is turning to chunks
    I can feel it slowing
    Soon my eyes will break apart
    And my lips stop moving


    Man rises against man
    So it has been
    So it would be
    And so it is

    Brother is brother's bane
    Bombs blast off
    And guns are blazing

    Swords carve through the air
    As they do through flesh
    Shields are worth nothing here
    For all is dead

    It was the straw that broke the camel's back
    And another World War begun
    This time there was only defeat
    And no chance of surrender

    Our weapons were so advanced
    The enemy stood no chance
    Nevermind the casualties
    There won't be nothin' left.


    Our sun is at an end
    It's engorging itself
    On itself
    Feeding its dying fires

    It grows and it grows
    We can feel the heat
    Now night is day
    And day is red

    We are now the second rock
    From the sun
    The godly messanger
    Is now only dust

    Our sky is beautiful now
    We would say
    But nobody can see it
    'cause we've all been burnt away


    I saw my aunt the other day
    She was looking good
    Except for one little play
    There was blood on her tooth

    The dead have risen to feed on us
    There is nothing we can do
    A single bite turns a mind to mush
    Just hope it won't be you

    Your dog Sam is now afoot
    His teeth are bared
    If he were not just a pup
    You'd be oh so scared

    Now your mother turns on you
    She craves your brain
    You show her what to do
    Since it was her you ate
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    your poems are dark ones they are i hope intime your poems can speak of the wonders around us still take care
  3. Krem

    Krem Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm not on SF because my mental state is all sunshine and butterflies. :p
  4. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    Your poems are fuckin intense, man. Keep writing.

  5. Krem

    Krem Well-Known Member

    Cheers. I take it you've read the other ones I've submitted? :)

    (Wishing Paper, There are no Boogie-men, Untitled, and my collection here, are the one's you've not replied to. : o)
  6. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    I've read them. You definitely have a style, kid. Keep at it.
  7. Krem

    Krem Well-Known Member

    If I were to expand one part of this, which one should it be? Zombies, machines, fire, ice, war, or the nothingness? :eek:
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