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end of my reserves

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I feel like i've just come to the end of my reserves. I have recently gone through two botched operations that have renedered me infertile, I was raped at 11 and my bf periodically beats me. I feel I have nothing left to give I am 29 and I see those round me getting on well with their lives, getting married and having children or are pregnant. I no longer feel like a woman ......... and I just dont see anything worth being here for any more. I work with disabled children for a living and see there familys pain and laughter so I see how bad things can be for people and the hopeless situations others are in, so its not a case of feeling sorry for myself, I dont want to hear about 'other fertility options' I dont care about those long roads that are not garenteed.ive been on enough hurtfull roads. I have a good support network around me but I really really dont want to be here any more and now am getting the courage to no longer feel pain......
welcome to the forum. i'm glad to know you have a good support network. everyone gets down at times... i guess the thing to remember is that even though you see everyone getting on well with their lives you can't know for sure if they are happy too. to be honest, i am quite convinced that it is oft-times an illusion.

it doesn't mean there is no happiness to be found anywhere though. just means you have to look harder for it.

i know its hard, but keep fighting the good fight. :hug:

im here if you need to talk

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