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end of year art project help please

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That is always the best way with art.
Not always, pushing yourself would be good, suppose i couldve done tattoos as well, but I wanted something different for end of year than the rest of my still life work.
I'm just so wrecked that I wanted something that wouldnt tax me too much and i could try to just knock out to gte the marks. like I said, not in this to be an "artist" at the end, so its not really bothering me

Mr Stewart

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Let me clarify that. I meant that it's usually not a good idea to attempt to convey an idea from a perspective or experience that isnt your own, unless you have a specific reason for doing so.

We used to talk circles around each other back in art school debating that kind on nonsense. It was both hilarious and aggravating all at the same time. haha.

Mr Stewart

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Mmm... how about...

a sheep in wolf's clothing? aka a person who acts like they are strong around other people but in reality are fragile or vulnerable.

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