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ending it all

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I am so tired. I am so sick of everything. I feel so depressed all day long. People ask me "what's wrong"? They care, but don't understand. I have gone through everyting: counseling, partial hospitalization, inpatient hospitalization, medication, one suicide attempt, you name it. To add to this, family things have occurred, namely, idenity theft. My credit is just ruined. I have no insurance and am trying to change that with a caseworker. I currently work, cannot afford the insurance my employer offers, but make slightly over the limit for any kind of assistance. My body is falling apart. I had back surgery a few years back, and it still hurts. I can hardly walk at times and it takes me hours in the morning just to move. I have been diagonsed with fibromyalgia. I have no friends, and actually wish to be alone. If I had the courage I would end it. I even looked into the <Mod Edit, WildCherry: Methods> that help with suicide. Thanks for listening to me. Being sick is like having a second job. This is no life for someone that is 55. I have had thoughts of just walking in front of a big truck.
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