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Ending it

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This time is really just it. I'm not even explaining myself. someone can send me a shit-filled pm about how special i am. to them? ya right. i dont know any of you.
im just a dis portion of flesh and bones.


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Im sorry your in so much pain....is thier anything we could do to help you out....we are here to listen if you need to get something off your chest...again I am really sorry you feel this way....please dont hurt yourself, reach out, get help!!!!!!......Jodi


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I am also sorry you're in such pain and misery. I don't have to know you to feel compassion for you - that emotion is not restricted to just those I "know" personally, but is felt for anyone in misery. I often feel depressed myself cause I can't "do" much for the people and other living beings suffering - can only send my love and hopes for better days.:smile:




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You are not done yet, otherwise you wouldn't be posting this. There has got to be something that you are still searching for here, why not letting us know?
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