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Endless Circle

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by nightfallagain, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. nightfallagain

    nightfallagain Well-Known Member

    Shyness can sometimes be a problem for me
    The problem being,
    Other people mistaken my shyness
    For smug confidence.
    I have been this way all my life,
    Even being in the "moment"
    I somehow, do not recognize this.
    I know those around me are willing to help
    But I just can't seem to come forward
    With all my uncertainty
    Perhaps this is why I always wonder
    Why? instead of How.
    I stifle my emotions...
    Afraid to go it alone.

    It is taking a long time
    Patience is coming to an end.
    But I am learning that conversation
    Is the way to the heart; meaningful conversation
    Perhaps lightly touching on my emotions
    Rather than go overboard on overstatements
    And keeping it simple...
    My happy side calls out to be courageous
    And to move with confidence toward my goals
    I need this, so my spirit can be most present
    But the tension hums like electricity
    With a nervous restlessness urging movement
    Like a crazy scavenger hunt
    Trying endlessly to find the clues.