endlessly she said.

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  1. blade

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    thats it im not going on the class rip around australa just because my mums accusing me of doing something i didnt do. thats pretty stupid really.
    then she starts saying that i can stay here in stead and live with my nan. and keep looking fat. yeah im a bit over wieght but u know im happy the way i am. people love me of who i am inside .

    it doensnt mean i dont do anything atall. i play soccer. and dance and stuff.
    i love art i do mordern art and abstract. my mum says stuff against my belief in art it self. she wants me to do something after school i say i want to b a proffetion artist. she said no. artist a crap.

    fuck her she doesnt tell me what to do and what not to do. arrrrrh she so pisses me off. hopefully she changes her mind.

    id rarther live a bording school than to come 'home' evryday to c my fuckn so called 'mum' i wish i had one. my best frineds so nice not only to ppl around her like my mum but to my mate to. my friend and her mum get on like best friends. its not fair.

    i wish i was happy, i wish all this could just stop im worthless.
    my brother doesnt get called all these stuff...maybe because hes skinny.!
  2. gentlelady

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    I am sorry your mom is treating you this way blade. Art is a wonderful thing to love. Do have something to fall back on though as it is hard to make a living in the world of arts. I am glad to hear you are happy with who and what you are. don't let her comments change that. Would it be bad to live with your nan? I stayed with mine for awhile and loved it.
  3. Barbados

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    You dont have to live with her forever, you will get to the age where you can leave her behind.