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  1. Petal

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    This is going to sound silly and quite on the ridiculous side but I was wondering if exercise releases so much endorphins that you feel AMAZING. I feel high on life since I've started exercising along with my diet. Even a short time on the treadmill and I feel so good. If this is how exercise makes you feel, damn I have been missing out! Can anyone relate? I feel so positive and happy :) It is strange that I don't feel anxiety.
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    Hi Petal. Exercising does help you move forward and you do get "Dolphins" kicking in. The regime has to simple first and you gradually build it up over a period of time. After a good gym session, you feel a lot better in yourself and it does help. Please take it easy and be safe.
  3. Petal

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    Hi hun, thank you for your response. I'm just after getting off the treadmill again lol I feel great, like no one can bring me down :)
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    Absolutely!! It's so awesome, isn't it?? Exercising can make a huge difference in mood. And gotta love that euphoric rush can get after a workout. It often lulls into a nice, sated peacefulness. And you're improving yourself at the same time. Keep at it, people!
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    I exercise regularly when I am out of work. It helps me by keeping me hopeful. It also gets me out of the house. As I said on another thread it is hard to work and exercise after work now .But I miss it.
    Keep up the good work Petal. Enjoy