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  1. BrokiN

    BrokiN New Member

    Each Night

    Blind of sight within maze mind
    Enigma's place remains lost confined
    to truths unknown, afraid of my...
    to reality unshown, question why...
    life must stand alone filled years
    overcome not such relentless fears
    haunting hopes to near defeat
    nights unsound insomnia creeps
    upon these eyes never close
    with no one no peace insanity grows.

    I pray.
    no more.
    Give me wings so I may soar,
    above this pool of tainted blood,
    to stitch my soul back into my heart.
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  2. I feel for your lament. The pain so well-expressed, the wish echoing within me

    Trapped in endless circles,
    Blindly reaching
    Begging for peace,
    for some relief,
    for blessed release

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.