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Enjoying Hospital?

I am really unsure how I feel about this. First off I am aware that being in hospital in the first place or remaining there when you don’t need to be, is a bad thing to do when there are people out there who genuinely need the care and the bed space.

Now I suffer with seizures as I am epileptic and it has resulted in quite a few injuries before, I also have been admitted lately with quinsy and in the past due to overdoses and things, so the majority of times it’s real and genuine. I must admit however that I have purposefully injured myself in the past in order to get in, or when I have been in deliberately made sure I wasn’t well enough to be discharged.

Whenever a doctor comes around and says they will need to keep me in I must admit I feel thrilled, when they say I’m good to go my heart sinks. I know this is wrong, it’s unfair on paramedics, all hospital staff and patients and I fully expect people to come down hard on me for this.

I made my last visit yesterday with quinsy it wasn’t faked and I couldn’t swallow any fluids or my medication which was a big issue as I am epileptic, I was admitted around 2am was given an IV drip to give me everything I couldn’t swallow and by around 8-9 I was well enough to swallow whole tablets and eat and drink again, doctors assessed me and were happy enough to discharge me and gave me antibiotics to take at home and I was sad again to leave but I did.

How can I get rid of this desire to be hospitalised? Is this at all common or is it a very strange sort of obsession?

Thanks in advance.


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Lots of people feel the same way about hospitalization. Its something about not having any responsibilities and having someone care for you all the time is my understanding. Would you agree with that? (It would seem it's quite common)

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I would say you aren't alone there, i went through a lot of the same things despite my hospital visits always being to mental health wards i hated staying at, once i got out i would miss them and want to go back. I think it's a natural human instinct to want to be somewhere we feel cared for and protected, especially when there are major hazards in our life outside those places. In your case especially, i can see a lot of cause to feel that way, i wouldn't be surprised if you do feel unsafe outside of hospital. Would you say that is the case?

Anyway, the point is, you don't need to beat yourself up for this, it's actually pretty reasonable, although i agree it's best to avoid indulging it.

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I would've said this @Sawyer10
Lots of people feel the same way about hospitalization. Its something about not having any responsibilities and having someone care for you all the time is my understanding. Would you agree with that? (It would seem it's quite common)
but he beat me to it.
I guess in a way I’ve always been fascinated with the human body and things like that, so all the observations made regarding heart rate, oxygen levels, temperature among other things is just amazing to me. I would fully agree with the idea of being looked after, with no responsibilities at all is part of the appeal about the place. It’s just the whole atmosphere I love the food where others hate it, I love the beds where others are so uncomfortable, people complain about staff I think there wonderful, when I’m discharged it almost feels like I’m being taken away from my friends, away from an environment where I’m cared for and I’m important and back to reality were my life is fairly empty.

After thinking about some of the comments on here I’m thinking maybe I need to work harder at making my life in the real world happier, surround myself with better people and enjoy every day life more, then the desire for hospital wouldn’t be there, I guess if there was more to be excited for outside I wouldn’t want to be in there really so it’s something to think about, thanks for the help everyone.


Perhaps you’ve hinted to someone during a low place without realising it at the time but you k ow in your heart that you need more support but the back of your mind. Is saying no I don’t need support I am fine.. I am healthy let me out of here but unconsciously “ you are thinkin, I need to talk about .. x y z but if open about that I could open up about this but it will open can of worms.
So mentally you are stuck

Having those debates is okay when you’re thinking about that project your working on for example. But when your in a dark place combined with epilepsy I can see their reasoning . I am not so that talking about issue would sort out the epilepsy but they are thinking how your going to come to terms with whatever you’ve spoken about in therapy a few days ahead.
They want to keep safe and healthy... and they have that power and duty of care...

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