Enough is ennougn

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myabe i am just looking at things all the wwawrong ways
one musstt knoww when to saayy enough is iennenough.
so thattt' it. enough is enoguhhhh.
takingg my sleepiiinng pills and sleepppiing i tt off.


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its not enough yet, you can still handle some more pain! Hang in there bud, we are all trying to fix this shit whatever it is


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She means that enough is enough for today!!

She just out of hospital - poor girl - but nobody at home and she was worried about her bills!

We will deal with that tomorrow Linda - and we do love you a lot here.

Just take the correct dose of sleeping pills.

Actually it might not be wise to hand out a bottle of pills given the circumstances - but we trust you Linda and if you need them to sleep that is fair enough.

My prayers for you - and I'll light another candle tomorrow if I can elbow my way past the elders who lay claim to lighting their candle first!

I'll barge past them all!

Goodnight and God Bless - hope you have some sweet dreams there also.

Do let us know what state of the USA you are in and the city also - your a friend so I'm curious and if I tell people about you I'd like to say were your from.

Anyhow - its been a hectic day for you - we will be here tomorrow and I'll stay up late and make sure your OK - because I'm a friend and want you to know that we don't mind whatever you say here.

Plus - IF you feel bad tomorrow - you CAN phone the hospital and I hope your phone is still and the power supplies also

I'm sure American friends here will help with how to sort the bills - plus any welfare you are entitled to - and easy ways of paying bills - maybe direct debit so you do not have to worry!!!

So goodnight Linda! And hope you feel a bit better tomorrow and we get things sorted step by step!!

Nice to see you out again.
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