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enough is enough, i shouldnt be alive.

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lets finish it, i lost my money. how on earth could the cavaliers win. i dont see the point of going to the ga meetin now, i have no money left anyway. i have about $20 cash and thats it, its my fault i have noone to blame. i cant pay them back in time, my girlfriend left me before all this, and on top of that i cant finish high school. this is not good. i have to erase myself from this world, im just gonna have to face it: im a mistake. if in some miraculous way someone will lend me instead of going through all the paperwork with the bank, but that wont happen. and my friends where are my friends, i havent got any. i spend my life miserable alone on my parents couch, privacy? i want privacy but everywhere i go im surrounded by nazis. last week i was alone it was good. i was on the up. but no just around 10:30 at night i heard rattling at the door, a burglar? i wish it was. it was my dad coming for no good reason but to fuck up my sanity, and since then i had this mess in my head, i cant think straight when hes around, he only puts on stupid radiosongs as hard as he can and keeps switching tv stations and everything i do he reports it, he actually picks up the phone and calls people to tell me what i am doing: hes now on the toilet, hes now playing poker. fuck. i cant live this way, i have no money, no privacy, no love. there are 6 billion out there, im not supposed to be part of it. enough is enough, im planning my end
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