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Enough is Enough !!

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Today I have an appointment with a Doctor and I think Im going to bring up my suicidal feelings, I really want to ask him that I think its time I tried Anti-depressants.

I have been feeling suicidal since I was 15 and Im now 18,What do you think I should do? I have attended counselling for two years and I am feeling useless, my suicidal feelings are getting worser each day, I can't even focus on my college studies. Help please. Thanks


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today is a good time to bring up your feelings
it will do you good to get those feelings out in the open it must have been 3 long years for you its time to break that spell and start on a new life
tell them everything it wont be easy but tell them about your suicidal feelings,how its getting worse and its affecting your studies
dont wait another 3 years


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yep get it sorted before it grows to be a part of normal life
its been three years dont wait another 3 still fighting to get through college and life
Exactly, What do I have to lose, the only thing Im not sure about is will the doctor give me anti-depressants today or some other time? :(
Im pretty desperate.


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that usually depends on your history and other things
the doctor will usually make that call but i doubt hell give you anti depressants straight out if this is your first episode


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then maybe they will see your right maybe it is time to try anti depressants tell him its enough that youve had 3 counsellors and not much has changed for you and you need to try a new direction and meds is the way you are thinking alot of docs see meds as a last resort but you should tell doc you need to change before you lose college altogether


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Make sure you tell him about being in therapy and it's not working.. That you are still depressed..He should write you a prescription today..


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Whatever you do, don't say anything about having a specific plan for committing suicide. Don't suggest imminent danger, otherwise you'll go to the hospital. Saying "I've been thinking of suicide" should be enough. Some doctors immediately pass the buck when a patient talks about suicide, and that's no fun.

But if you ever make a specific plan, do your research and voluntarily check yourself in to a good hospital. Some are much better than others.


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Because of your age they may be reluctant to go down that route. But if it's what you want to try and you have already done therapy for 3 years it may be the only next logical step.

Let us know how you get on.



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hello my friend it sounds like you are taking the right steps and want help. it makes me happy to see that . you are young and have alot of future and great experiences ahead in your life if you get help now...as you notice on here alot of people have stress issues in thier lives and you arent abnormal by having issues dealing with your thoughts on your own, but if you get the right help now you give your future a chance.. trust me i wish i would have been man enought o admit i needed help along time ago and by not doing it things just build up and get worse. you dont want to feel like that. i am there now and hindsight is a bitch.. but if anything hopefully i can help someone like you realize there is alot of good things ahead of you if you get help be positive and associate yourself with the good things and good people in life..
i wish you happiness my friend, its possible..
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