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People need to stop complaining about shit on someone elses behalf. Why are people assuming they cant talk for themselves? If you feel that strongly about what you percieve to be harsh or whatever, take that shit and put it into a LtM instead of starting pointless arguements that get no one anywhere and just get the thread closed. If something has happened on here then more often than not their is a reason behind it. When someone complains all your hearing is their side of the story which is more often than not highly exaggerated. Why are people being angry on someone elses behalf?

Telling people to stay out of certain areas of this site is just so beyond fucked up that i havent even got words to describe exactly what i think of that. Is it so hard to type *triggering* in the title? Oh but no thats too damn hard. Until you run a site such as this not one person has any right to tell the staff whats acceptable or how to do their job. Go and be angry at somthing that fucking matters instead of being so fucking pedantic.


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Perhaps this should be in LtM?

I'm locking this thread as it relates to 2 threads that were already locked today.
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