Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by iek1, Jan 12, 2011.

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  1. iek1

    iek1 Member

    Hey. I'm a 34 year old guy. Great job. Mortgage free. Plenty cash. Good hobbies. I don't consider myself depressed or ill. I just want to get out. Any suggestions.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    You may not see yourself as ill with depression but when someone want out they most definetly have an illness. Have you talked to your doctor about your feelings gone in and got assessed for depression Sometimes your sadness hides even from you Go in and talk to a professioal okay get some help:hugtackles:
  3. warrabinda

    warrabinda Well-Known Member

    so everything's going well... why would you want out? do you enjoy life? why give it up?
  4. hi my name is

    hi my name is Well-Known Member

    you need to find the impressions of life that give you energy.
  5. Cpt-Fantastic

    Cpt-Fantastic Banned Member

    first of all: you lucky bastard:cool: you seem like you have it going, when you still want to die perhaps there is a reason, why do you want to die?
  6. flowingriver

    flowingriver Well-Known Member

    iek1, you sound bored.
  7. Dave_N

    Dave_N Banned Member

    Life sounds about as good as it's going to get man. Do you have a girlfriend? You have too much going for you in your life to want to die.
  8. iek1

    iek1 Member

    Thanks for your responses. Yeah bored prob sums it up. No girlfriend. No mates. But that doesn't bother me. Just have no desire for these things and a stronger desire to end it. Cannot visit health professional.
  9. FlashingFlickering

    FlashingFlickering Well-Known Member

    You need something that'll give you a real reason to want to live.
    It might sound silly, but getting a pet, especially a loyal one such as certain dogs can make a huge improvement on your views of life.
    How about getting involved in charities? Knowing that you're helping someone else a significant amount is also something to keep you going.

    Are you religious at all?
  10. Go and register in a marathon or triathlon and get a finish medal for these races.. You will not be bored while training hard for the race and you won't think so much and feel blue.. The finisher medal will boost your self-esteem and self-confidence and sooner or later, you will crave for more marathons finisher medals like me.. Go try it.. and take care..
  11. doityourself

    doityourself Well-Known Member

    sometimes when all the loneliness of life makes you think that this is all there is and nothing will change so why not just give up.

    Your life doesnt have to be this way, you say you have alot going for you, take that and build on it, let people into your world.

    If therapy is out of the question, can you visit your regular doc to talk to him/her about how your feeling?

    Either way I just wanted to say welcome to SF, hope you find what your looking for here, and if its just an ear to listen or to vent to, you can PM me anytime.
  12. iek1

    iek1 Member

    I have dogs and cats. A large gym room in my home and train run and stay fit.
    Nothing fullfills me and I just think this is it ??? And am dissapointed.
  13. doityourself

    doityourself Well-Known Member

    There are tons of things to try, you just havent found your niche yet. Dont be disappointed in life, it throws us alot of BS, but it does give us good every now and then. Take those little things in life that you find joy in and bring them into your life more.

    What kind of hobbies do you like?

    I like to camp, hike, and just be outdoors. Are you one that would rather be indoors or out doing things?
  14. iek1

    iek1 Member

    Am outdoor guy. Do a lot of shooting n fishing. That's why I can't visit doctor. A whisper of unwell and guns will be taken from me. But not gonna shoot myself tho. Couldna leave the mess for someone. I have no emotion about living if sat in front of two buttons one live one die I wld hit the die one every time. And wldnt be sad at all.
  15. doityourself

    doityourself Well-Known Member

    Thats because youve forgotten what it is that your living for. Its not that easy to say its your time to go. You have to fight for yourself, make your life what you want.

    I disagree with you, Ive had mental issues well all my life and I can get a FOIA card, Ive even seen mental health plenty of times. Look into that again please, unless your in the military, legal, or police field you shouldnt come across this problem.

    So what do you go hunting for? I like to fish to, actually learned how to clean and filet them last year, wasnt the most fun I had but it was a learning experience none the less.

    So If your anything like me then this time of year really brings me down, not being able to feel the sun heat on me, or to be locked up indoors all the time is just plain depressing.

    Ever been on one of those camping trips where you camp for a couple of weeks, hunt your own food, I want to do that, it seems so challenging to me.
  16. Ok, since you are an outdoor guy, then why not go for a marathon run? Join a competitive run and get yourself a medal for it.. be competitive and run marathons, earn your medals and show off your medals by hanging them all over your large gym room..
  17. large gym room to stay fit only?? Join a competitive run if you want to see some results..
  18. iek1

    iek1 Member

    Thanks for your replies. The thing is everything I want to do I can. I don't have interest in marathon medals although I respect you for doing them. Good on you.
  19. doityourself

    doityourself Well-Known Member

    Im sorry, I know words never cure anything, I do wish you would try and come up with things that will bring you out of this funk, to try and live again. It may be that youve made up your mind that nothing will work but if you dont keep trying nothing will.

    Im here if you ever want to talk or vent.

    One thing that I had a problem learning is that depression is a chemical imbalance, its like a disease and if you dont treat the disease then it will continue to eat you up until there is nothing left.
  20. warrabinda

    warrabinda Well-Known Member

    a loss of interest is a symptom of depression right? i'm always a tad suspicious of that actually... i think a lot of the discourse around depression and losing interest in life is society's way of making sure you fit back into the mould so to speak, when really people living very functional lives i.e. working and contributing to society, married whatever, when you really have lost interest.
    have you tried new things?? maybe you are an outdoors person but it's time to branch out and try something new... keep exploring. keep searching. never know what you might find.
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