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its easy to take sleeping pills at night to sleep
but i am getting so tired and drained of waking up every day
to the same problems over and over
after 2 months in the hospital, the same problems are here
i was sent home on a leave with no support so what's the use
so close to ending it again
nothing is working what's the use
might as well find another waay.


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Hi hopeless13,


I'm speechless because I can't think of anything to say. I read your posts earlier, and looking back I should have said something.

As for me, I spent two months this year in the hospital as well. I came out feeling no better than I did the day I was first admitted. Shortly after my first discharge, I ended up back at the hospital a few times before this period of almost 5 months (in which I haven't been back in the hospital).

I wish you the best in hanging in there, and do remember vividly how I felt after being discharged.. I feel for you. :hug: It saddens me to write this knowing what you're going through right now.

If you want to talk to me about anything, I'm here to lend an ear as a friend and listen. PM me and I'll respond ASAP - I check my inbox often.

In the meantime, take care.


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why did they not send you home with supports hun follow up with your doctor send crisis team out to talk to you I don't understand. You call your doctor and tell him it is necessay to get therapy now okay councilling to keep you safe You can come here hun we understand right we care you know i care please know the treatment take awhile to work okay If you get low again do not take medication okay you go straight to hospital and yu tell them how you are feeling and you stay there I am so happy to see you are alright hun god yes please keep reaching out okay please
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