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    How dare you. How fucking dare you. I swear to God I ever see you and you will regret doing this. Are you listening?? No one, NO ONE makes my Mum feel like this. NO ONE makes my Mum sit in front of me crying. NO ONE makes my Mum ask me "What did I do wrong?"

    NO ONE


    Fucking arsehole I swear I will kill you. She deserves a million times better than you. And I'm going to make damn sure she realises it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    *hugs to sam and mum
    can i just say what a fab daughter she has :)
    if i can do anything let me know
    sam have a girlie night with mum and watch something silly and eat crap and paint nails odd colours and get a bottle in,have a good cry but also laugh
    sam if my son loves me as much as isee u loving ur mum we are 2 lucky ladies xxx
    if u need to let out im here ok
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    Thank you sweetie, thank you :hug:
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    :hug: sam

    I thought the title said engaged,i got all excited :shy:

    I'm sorry honey :hug: Ignore her!
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    Thank you both :hug: