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    Has anybody heard of these drinks? I was prescribed them by the dietician I see.
  2. My dad used to 'drink' something similar for quite some time (through an intrastomal device actually - as he'd had a stroke and couldn't really swallow properly). It was suggested/recommended by the hospital. It's very nutritious - has just about everything your body needs (including some fibre - but a fibre supplement is helpful as well). You could read the ingredients on the back of a can and see what % of daily recommended amounts of everything are really in it. However, I might add that if you're drinking it to lose weight, it would still be best to have an otherwise balanced diet, and not use it for all 3 meals. Not to mention that if it IS to lose weight - eventually going back to "real" food (which you will) is going to make it hard to keep it off - as is with all "diets" that are not a lifestyle change...

    Why not Google the product and you'll find out what you wish to know further...
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I'm actually classed as being underweight so I think it's to help me gain some weight.
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    You're welcome! (hope it was helpful - but still go Google if you want)
    Good luck!!
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    Me too... I drank these everyday for a while. They don't taste too bad cold, but for some reason they always seemed to make me feel kinda sick for like half an hour after drinking them. I don't know why.
  6. To be honest I think they're pretty yummy... but maybe I'm just easy to please. I was prescribed them when I was in rehab becase I kept dropping weight but could hardly gain any before I started drinking it. I just wish it didn't cost so darn much :( so I could keep on it.
  7. If it was an actual prescription, yeah that would help a LOT!
    As someone else mentioned, it's fairly pricey, unfortunately...
    Also, my dad's came in a case of 24 I think - though you'd probably get sick of one flavour!!
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    i've been drinking them for awhile, I recommend drinking the vanilla kind because the chocolate and strawberry i personally found disgusting :p make sure you keep them cold and shake well before you drink them.