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  1. Escspe the real world and enter into new world.......things are different here. Escape from your thoughts and problems and join us in this realm
  2. Sophie it plumeting in her parashute and feeling a mixture of excitement and fear. She doesnt remember agreeing to jump out of a plain. How did she get here and where is she going. Everything is moving fast but where is this place. It looks different. Is it another country? Another planet? Another world? Then she lands with a thud and a bang. She is safe but disheveled. "What is this place. Where am i. I cant remember anything" she looks aound still rather dizy from the landing "hello! Can anybody hear me? Hello! Is anybody there? Abybody?"
  3. Decode

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    THUMP! Arhh. What the hell. Arhh, Decode manages to stand up, i'm ok, what is going on? Hears someone calling. Hello, hello i can hear you, i am over here. Feeling confused what just happened, who is calling?
  4. Sophie gets to her feet and follows the voice. Adrenaline pumps through her. She spots some body also in a parashute and looking as confused and dazed as she feels." Are you ok? Do you know what happened? I cant remember anything untill i was falling"
  5. scaryforest

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    the fax prints out morse code: "hello, everybody"
    everybody sways to blues but the blues; they're not depressing
  6. Dekot and sophie spend a few minutes questioning each other before realising they both dont have a clue.
    They begin to look at their unfumilar surroundings. Its nothing they recognise or have ever seen.
    "I wonder if there are more of us" sophie says to dekot.
    A distance shreek gets louder and louder followed by lots of cursing and a thud. They look at each other. No words are needed. They follow the noise.
  7. So they establish the third person is scary forest. Scary forest found a fax sheet and an mp3 player in pocket playing blues music and some of the lyrics "dont worry be happy now."
    The note wasn't much of an indication to where how and who. Despite their confusion the three of them cant help but dance along. Scary forest siggests that the fax is coded and that we will have to work out what it means.
    "Do you think theres any more of us? Decode asks the others.
  8. scaryforest

    scaryforest Banned Member

    they (who? anyone? all of them? noone? us?) establish others are either being insecure or are too confused. but more may join. depending. on what?

    scary thinks that presenting your feelings cryptically is the way. or is it?
    scary has an alcoholic beverage. it leads to everybody in the world dancing to "don't be worry, be happy now"
  9. Sophie likes the fact that scary is so calm. It has a knock on effect. She notices she too is carrying a back pack, not one that she recognises either. She opens it up to see what supplies she has. She has a rummage,.....hum.....alcahol...........lighter.....ciggerettes.......................toothbrush....tothpaste.........spare outfit.....a note! Sophie stops rummaging and opens up the note. It reads..."sense is nonsense and nonsense is sense....7 add 5 does not equal 9........." what the......
    Sophie shown the others the letter. She decides not to worry about this right now and joins in with the drinking and dancing. At some point they will have to explore their environment but for now they might as well stay put and enjoy the moment just in case of new arrivals. Wonder what they would think if they joined us at this very moment...... ..
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