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  1. Darken

    Darken Well-Known Member

    All right so I wanted to make a thread to discuss, racism classism and equality.

    I think racism is sickening really. No one should be treated like crap, especially for such a stupid reason as being born into a certain type of culture or gene pool. I believe every race can do just as well as any other. Under the same circumstances of life. If one person is raised in a broken home while another is raised in a decent home with decent parents, of course their will be differences. Even if they got the same schooling. If you take like 10 different races, block all cultural differences from them as to not seperate them or make them act based upon their predetermined culture. Raise them with the same parents at the same time. They will all be similar intelligence and competency probably. I believe every one should get a fair and equal chance. The mistakes or stupidity of parents shouldn't have to be forced upon there kids.

    America is very classist, and often racist. What would you call slavery and native american genocide? I don't really have any respect for america in its current state, where we aren't free, our government is full of warmongers, we don't have true democracy or a constitutional republic, and classism is a big problem. Blind patriotism is stupid.

    How does one justify racism? Lets say even if one race was genetically inferior, that still wouldn't justify treating them poorly imo. Evolution is not an excuse either, I think survival of the fittest mindset is degenerative. There is probably many other races out side earth that are way more advanced than us, do you think it would be civil or acceptable for them to come here and wipe us out with the reason of evolution ? I heard some one say before evolution goes up to a certain point, then after that we guide our own evolution. I think that is true, we guide our own destiny, will we make it one of pain and suffering or one of peace? I hate elitism, with good reason, it probably does much more harm than good to us all.

    I don't partake in any culture with negativity. Why should I? Fuck my heritage. My culture is one focused on equality and peace, it's not a fantasy its some thing we gotta do for our survival. Yes and also I find it curious how one calls some one who points these things out racist? Like pointing our how african americans have not been treated equally ever since they have been here. Like uh reverend wright or what ever his name was on the news a few weeks back. The problems are still here and they aren't going away by ignoring them. In a truely fair and equal society we wouldn't be having these kinds of debates any more.

    My spiritual beliefs all back up these things. I believe we all have had lives as many different races and genders. We are all like a family in spirit, but when we come back in the flesh we start fighting how sad.
  2. The problem is that society uses racism as a form of classifying people into categories in order to make matters simpler for the elite to maintain its control over the world. Most of society is too ignorant and stupid to do anything about it, even non-racists.
  3. Darken

    Darken Well-Known Member

    yeah I totally agree. United we stand, divided we fall. Some thing like that. I'm not as ignorant as some people to these kinds of subjects I guess, I'm a behind in the studies/education though :_( If I had some power and more knowledge I could make a change. Unfortunately though I'm just too damn incompetent to do any thing about it.
  4. BioHomocide

    BioHomocide Well-Known Member

    We are all human but we can't all be the same, it is a sad truth. We can't all be one "color" or "this smart" or "live this way".

    Racism and prejudice have always been around and they will always be around. Everyone will always be different and there will always be a person or persons that hate differences. I personally don't see how being a certain color makes you any less of a human.... human is human. Race has always been a big issue since people found the need for civilization. Ever since people started naming parts of the world we have had race.

    America is having the most issues with race because we are a new nation... America started off with immigrants, immigrants from all over. America started out a mixture and till this day continues to be a mixture of races.

    The slavery of Africans was started by the English, lazy English men and woman looking for free labor.
    Native American genocide was started because of greed....
    America is a country built on laziness and greed...

    Everyone can be racist, and everyone is racist. We don't like to admit our racism but we are all in some degree racist. We make fun of Asians, we make fun of blacks, we make fun of whites... in a country of free speech we can all be racist. Saying something simply because you can even the truth can make you a racist. I agree black people are treated horribly but to be honest everyone and anyone in America can be treated horribly. I hate how black people think just because they are black or their ancestors where slaves makes whatever bad things that happen in their life now racism. The government is out to get everyone.... they hate everyone.

    Americans are Americans... when you start to put a different race in front of the word American you will continue the flow of racism. African American, Asian American, Mexican American... we all live in America, we should all just be Americans.

    The world isn't fair, a "free world" doesn't allow equality. There will always be hate.... we will always have the right to voice that hate.... In my opinion the only way to have true honest equality would be a world no one would want to live in.... We wouldn't be free to say what we want or do what we want... We would all live the same way and do the same things. We would have to be equal in life, and equal in how we live our lives.

    I am sorry If what I typed here is confusing, but please humor me.
  5. Random

    Random Well-Known Member

    The bottom line on racism is as long as there are some discernible differences between people, there will be some people who will use those differences as an excuse for hatred, intolerance and violence.

    Racism, sexism, etc will never be completely eradicated. Equality is a nice thing to strive for and eventually, we'll get as close as we'll ever be. But I don't expect miracles from the human race. Human nature dictates that certain things will always be with us.

  6. Darken, you are a very nice, caring person. I like talking with you. Also, I like reading your posts, reading your opinions about life and the world. You, as an individual, are trying to better this world. The problem is, that society, as a whole, is making this world bad and worse. Society itself is to blame for the way that things are, not you. :hug:
  7. Darken

    Darken Well-Known Member

    Thanks friend :hug: you are a great person also. You're probably right about society. Look what happens when good people try to gain power. The presidential race for example. There was three very good people running and they all got put down or ignored by the media, given less tv time as other candidates and the voting system is rigged against them. People here are so ignorant they are going to vote for another communist/ socialist warmonger, who really is jsut a puppet to even more powerful people. Obama, hitlary, and mcbush are all horrible candidates and puppets. They are all connected to the cfr, an openly globalist special interest group.(and many other special interests groups im sure)

    It seems that if we could have some who was very compassionate and moral and put the best interests of the people first as our leader lots of our problems would start to dissolve. That is impossible right now though, cause evil people have a tight grip on all the power in the world.

    There are differences in people and thats a great thing. I don't want every one to to be the same. The diversity in creation is a beautiful thing.

    My ideals though are that we should abandon any negative aspects of our culture and society. Every one on the planet should do this. Negative aspects could be many things, I guess it simply means any thing that holds us back or spreads degenerative mind sets. What those things are is debatable of course. We should all focus on progression, because we all want to better our world and our lives.

    I like freedom, but reason driven freedom is even better.

    Okay also I was not going to say any thing about this as I don't want to sound out of my mind, but oh well.

    I believe there is other worlds out there that have intelligent life far superior to us. They have elliminated poverty and destruction of the environment on there worlds. They live in peace. There is a whole galactic community of all kinds of advanced species.

    How do you think humankind looks in there opinion? We must look like barbarians compared to those people.

    Humankind needs to make the galactic standard at least (no war, no poverty, take care of the planet and make peace with each other) which looks like it will be a long and difficult processs. We should be making a good impression on these advanced beings, but we are doing the opposite.

    I've heard people who have been shown the future either through contact with them or just through there own psychic abilities. We will have a huge disaster in the future, maybe nuclear war, that will cause billions of deaths and damage to the planet even further. We have to do some thing or this is going to happen, and humankind will barely make it.
  8. ggg456

    ggg456 Guest

    It's not going to happen.
  9. zzz

    zzz Well-Known Member

    The world isn't fair, a "free world" doesn't allow equality. There will always be hate.... we will always have the right to voice that hate.... In my opinion the only way to have true honest equality would be a world no one would want to live in.... We wouldn't be free to say what we want or do what we want... We would all live the same way and do the same things. We would have to be equal in life, and equal in how we live our lives.


    The world is completely fair. Eternal law never changes and the laws are the same for everyone. Only you have access to your own self and you are responsible for every decision you’ve ever made.

    This is such an important thing to understand. If somebody defames you then you can understand what future they are creating for themselves. Now decide your own future. How long will we keep falling into the same old trap, failing to understand the basic fundamentals of life?

    No, there will only be love, and love doesn’t know hate. Hate will cease to exist; there will not even be a word for it.

    It’s a different world, a completely different consciousness. There will be total equality and you would definitely want to be there.

    Well today we are unconsciously subconscious, we are not able to express ourselves freely. There we will be conscious, there will be total freedom.

    There will be kings and queens, maids and servants and all will be equal, everyone will be happy. Respect will be for the living being not for the role they are playing. The king will love the servant and the servant will love the king. This is how we like it; this is imprinted in our consciousness.
  10. Darken

    Darken Well-Known Member

    I agree with most of that ^ . Humankind justs need a new mindset a new conscioussness thats what is suppose to happen in the future. We have our mindset upgraded. Some say they don't want it (wth) or that we won't be able to overcome our problems to get there. But thats the whole point, this upgrade will allow us to overcome the problems that we have not been able to so far. If you don't want a better world and peace too bad. You can reincarnate onto a "third world" planet like current earth if you want to, or if you still need to learn your lessons here. "To love for the sake of being loved is human, but to love for the sake of loving is angelic" alphonse de limartine
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