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Er had a bad evening and threw up trig

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Kath, please pm me honey, i am so worried about you. We all are. Please dont take this as another opportunity to think you are causing others grief due to being a bad person, it is not. It is because you are such a nice person that we worried and you are a good person not matter whether you believe that or not, Kath. Take care.

*big hug*

grant (TheAM)


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i think there are some people riht now who dimply dont believe im a good person anymore and i dont blame them.Please dont worry about me.It isnt worth it.Feeling sick again and still not slept all night.Oh well.........maybe sometime i can get some sleep and never wake up again......


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kath said:
i think there are some people riht now who dimply dont believe im a good person anymore
I don't believe that Kath. If you mean your support worker, she might be feeling helpless and frustrated but I don't believe that she would stop thinking you were a good person. My psychiatrist once said to me that if people have a reaction to my not feeling better it's because they feel bad that they haven't been able to help, and do not blame ME for still feeling crap. I'm sure the same is the case here.
Sarah x
kath, i only joined this forum today but i can see you are a good person and you do not need to appoligise for anything and you are worth worrying about pm me if you need to talk

charlotte xxxx
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