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  1. names_stink

    names_stink Member

    So, um, I never officially introduced myself. I'm sorry about that. I've had a lot on my mind.

    I go by many names. I'm transgender. So. It doesn't matter which name you choose to call me. Call me Bree or Benji. Either is cool. Of course, I'm not going to give out full name. Or 'real' name. As I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that. You can, also, just call me 'names_stink'. That's cool, too. I'm a college student. A psychology major. I'm in my first semester, so that could change. But I doubt it. Stress of college is finally hitting me. :rant: But I'm getting by.

    I recently sought help for my afflictions. I was diagnosed with avoidant personality disorder... (which I and everyone who knows me disagrees with) :cower:. I may get a second opinion there provided I can afford to. I was, also, diagnosed with mood disorder NOS. They suspect bipolar, but need to know more about me before they officially diagnose. I'm on lamictal currently, and that's it. I have an eating disorder i haven't come to terms with yet. I desperately want friends and I try so hard to mingle, but I've found that I have trouble with it. Interacting mostly. I have battled suicidal ideation for a long time. For as long as I can remember, actually.

    Other than all this, I love dogs. I love rodents. I love horror movies. I love criminal minds. I think Spencer is adorable and have a crush on the actor. I love my nephews and my niece. I love to read and write. And I'm an aquarius. Not that I believe in that stuff, but it's something to use to introduce myself. I had an account here decades ago. I'd merge it, but I cannot remember the username for the life of me and it was under a different IP. :( So, hi. It's nice to 'meet' all of you. :peep:
  2. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    Hi Bree Benji. Nice to meet you. I do not like rodents. Although sometimes cute pictures of them do elicit the requisite awwww. Although when I had a rat in my garage it was not an awww moment.

    Glad you are back here. I think this is a great forum. When people in their teens are LGBorT and come to sf, I like tell them about the trevor project. It looks like a really good place, online. They also have help chats 1 to 1. And 24 hour helpline. Its for teenagers who are LGBTQ and who grapple with feeling suicidal. which is way too many.

    You wrote that you think that the AvPD is not the correct diagnosis. And also that you are not sure about the suspicion of Bipolar. Or the mood disorder. But that you may get a second opinion there if you have the money to do so. I think you are wise to not believe any diagnosis unless it feels right to you or unless there is a second opinion. Sometimes its a good idea when going for a second opinion to get that from a different place. To consider going to a completely different place, as well as person. I dont know what you think about that idea. Also could you go to the school counselor and get help and diagnosis without paying much? Or help you to find someone who they think is good at diagnosing?

    Maybe going back to the same place for a second opinion is the wisest thing to do. But maybe a different place might be good also. I dont know. anyway, glad you are back.
  3. names_stink

    names_stink Member

    I'm not much of a fan of wild/house mice and rats myself. *shudder* I won't use traps to kill them if I have any (I'm a fan of humane traps myself), but they definitely don't get the awww that hamsters, gerbils, fancy mice/rats, and guinea pigs get. lol

    I think I've heard of the Trevor project. It rings a bell. It is worth looking into. I think my trans identity does play a part in my feelings sometimes. Not the largest part (not byfar), but definitely a part big enough to warrant some concern at times.

    The suspicion of bipolar scared me at first. I wasn't sure about it then. Once I got over the initial shock, I did begin to speak to those who know me about it (the same as I did about the AvPD one) and found a shocking discovery... many of them suspected it to a point. Well, my mom suspected manic depression. She hasn't been to a psych course in decades, so didn't know about the name change. For now, I'm comfortable with NOS. It gives me time to get comfortable with the possibilities. It helps to hear, though, that it's wise. I've been afraid that I'm just in denial about the one diagnosis. I'm not sure if I can. I haven't spoken to a counselor yet as I have to go to the main campus to see one and it's a bit of a drive. It's worth looking into.

    I'm glad to be back. This place is very supportive and I'm sure it will help me if I need help in the future and can't get a hold of my psychologist.
  4. sudut

    sudut Well-Known Member

    never heard of this one. is this for people who like to be alone or introverts?
  5. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    It is for people who have so much anxiety that it goes into a personality disorder, AvPD. They just cannot easily be in public situations. Or perhaps the stress of interactions is just too much. I have been diagnosed with AvPD. So I know a bit about it. There are varying degrees of it. Depending on how much it takes over someone's life. Some people, with help, do quite well managing to live around it. To conquer it. But it is not easy. The base of it is clearly anxiety. With perhaps panic
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  6. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    yes Bree Benji, it is a great place. I agree. So I do hope you will be a real part of the community if you think that would benefit. I personally think its the most loving and caring website i have found, that deals with mental health issues. Thats because the management is comprised of very caring heart centered people. So then people who come here are supportive and kind also. It works really well. I am ultra sensitive. And I can actually be here !
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