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Er- yeah



How do you excersize your butt, what a question... :unsure:

more what is a good excersize for your upper legs. ish


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I can help you there. While you are in line, to pay fine, food, at bank, library...squeeze your butt muscles, the glutes tight and release, tight and release. NO ONE knows but you.

check out: http://health.msn.com/dietfitness/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100140481

and also: <extra@ediets.com> They have tons of execises. I need ab work cuz I love chocolate. But my butt is nice. Also walking helps upper legs-thighs. I do leg lifts while watching tv.

ps. I hate to exercise haha


I hate excersizing too... I am fine waist up but my legs and butt are like jello.... :mad:


Thanks for the advice..... I need to work on my arms, but that is simple.

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Squats. Barbell, Hindu etc.


Running up a hill.

Those hamstring machines they have in gyms (though I'm not a huge fan).

Others I'm too tired to think of.

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