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shouldnt i be unbanned now on sycotic_sarah? Robin said he would...
:(i been waiting for ages for thisand all excited and everything cause ive missed SF.


Oh well you could have fucking reply as I asked you, so that I could have known that you didnt do what you said you would, and I could have stoped worrying. It's Sophie btw. Thanks a lot for not taking the time to write one fucking line, that's all I wanted, I just wanted to know that you are allright. I quess you dont care how others feel, things like these might be triggering you know.


i didnt recieve anything from u? i check my junk email. sorry sophie.
i didnt mean too.
i didnt mean too make you worried, i just went off to chill, im sorry.
ill checknow.


FFS you could have imagined that I was worried after you left and said you will do that. You should have thought about sending an email to tell me you are allright, without me asking you.


sophie i just went off, i didnt know what todo,so i went to my bed and fell asleep crying because i was just confused, i didnt know youd be worried, when im like that i dont think at all, i just .. i dont know.
im sorry.
i didnt mean to not email you.
unregistereds please calm down and stop swearing at Sarah
Yes Bunny, I will calm down, don't worry.
As for this, I suggest you to save it for the time Sarah will go crazy again and do the attacking and swearing thing. Because it just seems a bit funny to me that you are attentioning me for a few f words. Its not like I ever went crazy on here, I wasn't planning on going overboard.

As for you Sarah, to be honest I think you wanted to leave me like that, wondering whether you did it, worrying about you. It was just cruel but oh well who cares about ... me? After all in this site there are a group of people who worth the attention, the others ... doesn't really matter all that much.

I am done here. Bye.


ijust emailed you
i wasnt on the pc
i never knew you emailed me
i am not worth attenion,noranyone times or space,i know that, i have changed,you'llsee, ive changed alot over the past few months.
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