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i don't really know what to say, i'm new here and just thought i would post my experiences.

i've been in psychiatric hospital for 18months straight and then in and out for the past year. in that time i have attempted suicide too many times to count. i think the worst experiences though have all come after taking overdoses.

the worst one i took was in hospital, and i collapsed. i was taken to a&e and woke up on three drips, one in each arm and another going into my neck. which killed. after attempting to rip the drips out i was restrained and told that they can restrain me to my bed, which i think was basically being tied down but not so obviously.

the worst part of it, after throwing up over 30 times and being injected with anti-sickness medication in my thigh, was when my family came to see me. seeing my little sister hurting so much because of something i had done, not wanting to touch me.

i have also overdosed on my prescribed tranquilisers (i don't know if i'm allowed to say that) and cut my wrists at the same time, i collapsed and fell down the stairs, ended in an ambulance and then woke up on a heart monitor in re-sus at the hospital having both wrists being stitched up.

i dont know really where im going with this, but im just saying that overdosing isn't the peaceful way out that people think it is. you don't just fall asleep and not wake up again. its horrible, being sick until you think your stomach is ripping up inside you, the drips or drinking charcoal if you're lucky, and then the gut wrenching pain everytime you move for weeks after.

ye, thats about it, thanks for reading. take care, xxx
erm...well no if i'm honest. that wasn't really the kind of reply i expected but meh, i guess it's what i deserve as i keep doing these things.

i would like to say though, that i haven't taken an overdose for 7 months so i am trying. thanks. xxx


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:welcome: to SF and I am sorry you have gone thru this. If you are young, or old you can start to find a reason under the pain or need to die. From your life so far, it seems like someone wants you on this earth. Maybe, just maybe you have something to share, offer, do!!!!

I have only tried to OD about 5 times. I am still here; never felt much pain, must have been minor drugs. We all struggle.

Please do continue to post and allow friends here to listen. :flowers: We may not know the answers but it is heartfelt. It is good to purge at times.
First I want to :welcome: you to the forum. Then I want to tell you that I am sorry you have that level of pain that you feel it necessary to OD. I know it is often the pain we want to stop, not necessarily the life. I am glad that you have been able to go 7 months now with no OD's. Keep it up. i hope you continue to feel good enought that that no longer seems an option for you. take care and stay safe. :hug:


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Broken Slate,

Congrats on going the 7 months....stay strong....keep things simple and do it one day at a time....nice accomplishment....
thanks for all the support. i'm still struggling, but im trying so hard not to go down the OD road again, it causes more trouble than its worth. take care everyone, xxx
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