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    Day by day and night by night
    He came across a hateful sight
    A world out there so happy and bright
    While he was left so dark and sad
    From that day of silent fad
    A girl who, as such
    He knew so little and cared so much
    Yet day by day and night by night
    He came across a saddening sight
    A girl who was perfection in it’s finest form
    Being cheerful and bright was upon her norm
    Her burning compassion
    More intense than the sun
    Her beauty that shined with a dazzling might
    Was one of the things that upon that night
    That lead his patience and hope to die
    He remembered the night she told the lie
    “We can be friends”
    A lie that caused his mournful end
    A lie that wrecked and destroyed his heart
    A lie of which had led it’s part
    To the final moment when he jumped of the cliff
    An act which would destroy the riff
    The one that formed inside his soul
    The one of which had took it’s toll
    To the death of the boy
    Who’s life was ripped of joy
    Which was later discovered by the girl he loved.
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    Great poem hun! :arms:
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