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ermmm, no?

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Oh how I love being home early. Got out of classes today at 1030am.

Ok, so a question. if anyone knows. Do you know if you can see text messages from your phone... when you get the bill or anything? I pay for my phone (I haven't yet since it's still new) but I was wondering that if when the bill comes.. if my text messages will be any part of that since it's not in my name but rather my dads....?

and another thing.. can you block numbers? because I keep getting harassed by some random person calling while I'm in sschool and such.. and it's not funny when I randomly jump a mile because my phones vibrating in my pocket
"Dude, your pants are vibrating" yeah.. explain that one.. who the hell are you?.. no answer.. don't answer. and they keep calling... finally there's someone on the other side! do they speak english? I don't think so.. considering I couldn't understand a work he said.... arrg

oh yes, and I cannot spell ugly.. U-G-L-Y... not U-L-G-Y.. that was funny...

I guess you could call this a vent but it's not really angry.. just embarassing and I dunno... UNCERTAIN! therefore.. it goes under the UNCERTAINTY policy.. lol

yes... well I'm home early.. no worries for the next couple hours.. so I'm going to sit back and enjoy... even though I'm a loser for not having anything to do on a day like this. beautiful. I think I might take a nap. meh...

Take care..

I don't think so, it's never been on mine. You can probably request it, if it's an emergency or something like that.

But.....I don't think so.

Sorry, doubt I helped but take care hun ;)

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