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    Hi, well yeah, I'm madly in love with my girlfriend, her name begins with C so I'll just call her C for anonymity.

    Basically C and I are madly in love, and we've been through some heavy stuff (namely, she's the reason I'm still alive and she's totally turned by life around, but that belongs in another section)

    well, we're both virgins, 16 years old (the legal age of consent in the UK is 16 so no one will be breaking any rules here, in case anyone is worried) and we're ready to have sex

    To start with, the most we'd done was "dry humping" and it was completely subconscious. Then one night it moved on to us both being topless and kissing (oh, I'm male in case anyone is wondering when I mention topless).

    And there have been a number of occasions since then that we'd been topless.

    Then about just over a week ago we were kissing, topless, "dry humping" and she asked if we wanted to go further.
    I said, "ok" and, well yeah I am ready. She didn't have contraception, thankfully I did, I got the condom, spent some time fumbling about putting it on. When it came to actually doing it however, well I was aroused but like she wasn't, though her mind really wanted sex. But it just wouldn't go in, without being too graphic.
    It was kind of embarrassing but she seemed more embarrassed than I did.

    So a few days later we were in almost the same situation but we were cuddling up and just talking and I made a sarcastic joke and she went to hit me (not hard, just playfully) and I was behind her and she hit my crotch region and apologised sincerely and called herself a perv.

    I tried to make her feel better by saying I was the bigger perv. I touched her (clothed) breast. Things kind of moved on and we were touching each other briefly, and like turning it in to a competition of who was the biggest pervert.
    She went down on me and, well it was surprising, but she wasn't very good at it and nipped me a few times, though I told her she was doing great but gave her tips on what to do whilst making sure she knew what she had been doing right. Then she came back up, smiled and said "I win." so, it took some courage but I then went down on her (she was surprised, as was I), I was extremely nervous but she enjoyed it thoroughly and apparently I was "amazing". (Which I'm quite chuffed with as I've had no previous sexual experience.)

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, before when I failed to err have proper sex, she got a rash on her leg from the latex condom.
    We tried with a polyurethane(sp?) condom [latex-free] and she got a rash from that too. We failed sex that time too.

    Well 3 days ago she went on the pill, but it made her really ill the first day, like her stomach was being crushed (she was on dianette, wiki it). Yesterday, she felt ill too, I was at hers but she was extremely horny, frankly I was scared. It was her period too so that made things worse. We didn't do anything though. She still had that crushing feeling. She took her pill again today and we were discussing the side effects and I told her to read the insert, it said something along the lines of "Warning! If you feel a crushing sensation along your stomach and chest STOP TAKING DIANETTE IMMEDIATELY! This is a symptom of a blood-clot formation."

    So we're shitting ourselves basically. We really want to have sex with each other as we're madly in love and, although it sounds stupid having been going out with her for only 5 months (though we fell in love before we were going out with each other) and I'm sixteen, but I feel she is the one and I can genuinely see me living the rest of my life with her. I'm not naive, I have been in relationships before and I'm fairly intelligent, in my opinion, though not academically but that's only because I dislike information being droned in and how teachers only teach you towards the exam and nothing else that may be essential in life, though anyway that doesn't belong here.

    But yeah, we really want to have sex, but there seems to be no alternative contraception and we're not stupid enough to utilise the "Pull out" technique. And yes, I'm worried she may have a blood-clot or deep vein thrombosis but I'm thankful we caught it early and we've arranged an appointment for her to see her GP and we'll probably ask for alternatives to contraception.

    But, you know, there may be doctors or people with experience in contraception here. Anything opinions will do, I value all of them.

    Thanks for the input (in advance).


    (apologies for the life story)
  2. :sad:

    I hope she is going to be okay. :hug:
  3. Squire

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    She's been a lot better today, though she took the pill again :/

    basically i'm asking for advice on alternative contraception to the ones i've listed
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    well i live in australia,
    but why dont you try a different kind of oral contraceptive pill.

    there's soooo many different ones...
    i'm on one called monofeme i think.

    good luck!:smile:
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    They make amny types of condoms, find which one is right, or talk to your doctor about which kind of pill is right for her. There are other methods for safe sex, she can have a tiny peice of palstic inserted in her cervix which can prevent pregancy as well as a condom can for up to six years, and can be inserted anywhere. Just to give you a couple mroe options. I am a wiz when it comes to anything that has to do with medicine. I hope to be a doctor some day.
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    Congatutions on holding out for so long! :biggrin: I don't care if I sound dumb, that made my day

    Actually, your whole post made my day, it was like I was reading about my very awkward first time 4 years ago. Anyway, did anyone mention the shot, yet? If you guys are going to be having regular sex then the shot might be a good option. I'm sorry, I don't remember the name (I suck), but she can get one every six onths and it does the same thing as the birth control pill.