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  1. Once more
    I find terror in the day
    I go to my small hiding place
    I feel so used up, tiny,
    and guilty for wanting to escape
    It gets larger the deeper I dig,
    swallowing me
    If only I could reach out
    and find something
    outside of me
    that would replace
    this narrow space,
    getting darker the deeper I go
    I just want to close my eyes,
    to find my way,
    want to feel safe,
    but there’s little relief
    I’ve lived with pain too long,
    I’m ashamed to say
    I’m no longer strong
    People say that I am ~
    Look what I’ve survived
    but I feel as if I’ve died
    a thousand deaths,
    Shaking and shattering me,
    each time, more
    I’m no longer anything of
    who I was before
    This world and life petrify me
    I’m no longer ready for any of what must be
    I’ve seen so much more
    that one soul should see
    I just want to hide,
    I beg, I just want to go inside
    and reach me again,
    that once wholesome child,
    strong and wise,
    with open, hopeful, welcoming eyes
    But fear has since blinded me,
    and I’ve been defiled,
    defeated by insanity…
    Where is God
    when one is weak
    Where is solace
    for those who seek it

  2. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    :eek:hmy: :smile: :sad: :eek:hmy: :smile: :sad: YOu've done it again! Named my feelings as I cannot do lately.:sad:

    Thank you!:smile:


  3. I could say worse (spite at my state), but I wish your feelings would be healed as mine. I'm just so GD tired - I know you are too... *sigh* (these days are just too much)

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