Escaping the mental health system!

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  1. Kirovski22

    Kirovski22 Active Member

    Finally after 5 long years of counselling, different therapies, treatments, etc, etc... I am finally recognised as stable enough to be discharged from the community mental health team WOOHOO!!!

    Even though I don't have a proper diagnosis (too many symptoms overlapping) or what I class as proper treatment i'm happy at last to be almost out of their grasp.

    It's made me realise though that the only person who can truly help you is yourself and the people in the teams are there as a crutch to help you along a bit to get you up on your feet and walking again. Truly I've done a lot of research, asking friends, family and acquaintances about my behaviours, mood and other things to give me a basic idea of what could be wrong, in my experience the team can only do so much and I've learned more in a few months than I have in 5 years!! This gives me the strength to say "Goodbye" and walk away with pride. I have much more to learn of course but with support from everyone around me I feel I can do this.

    I'm sorting everything out on my own now. I've been to the opticians to see if I have an eye problem which could be causing visual disturbances, i'm going to have blood tests etc to rule out physical illness and try to cross out the possibilities.

    I'm still taking medication and considering weaning myself off it with the guidance and support of a health professional like a doctor and hopefully won't have to take it again.

    I know very well there is no such thing as a 100% fool-proof cure for my problems but knowing that has made me accept my problems and try to fight them as best as I can. I'm also helping my best friend who has Bipolar to try to cope and he is a lot more capable of control than he was so that's another success!!

    To everyone suffering from mental illness/ eating disorders (I guess that comes under mental disorders too??) and other problems: don't lose hope! You will find your light at the end of the dark tunnel. Even if you are in hell right now and it seems it will never end, don't worry it will end! I talk from experience as a girl who has been to that hell.
    To those who are suicidal (plus above): Life is crap, I know this. But you have to try to create the happiness in it. I know it's easier said than done but think of those who care about you whether its humans or even a pet cat or dog (I find stroking animals very therapeutic and knowing they're happy makes me happy). Find interesting new hobbies whether it's art, dance, going to the gym, starting a college course or even spending time with friends DO IT if it helps you. Yes they may not understand but it's a distraction. Being suicidal is a feeling, it's learning not to let it go so far that it turns into a mindset because that's when it gets dangerous. Everyone has a life but you as an individual is what matters and is worth something and even on this forum you may not know the people directly but we can give you a helping hand to try and push that feeling away. And if you need help try counselling or ring a 24hr help hotline just to talk to someone.

    Keep fighting and keep smiling people! <3
  2. meaningless-vessel

    meaningless-vessel Well-Known Member

    You've mentioned control and self-discipline. And the fact that you are able to recognise you can do more even from the depths you've been to, and that is admirable.

    I take my hat off to you. If I was wearing one that is lol.
  3. Kirovski22

    Kirovski22 Active Member

    Thank you so much :) I believe everyone has the strength to get on track but its about reaching into your heart and soul and finding the will to fight for what you want for yourself
  4. meaningless-vessel

    meaningless-vessel Well-Known Member

    Or finding what you do that you can change. You asked others what you were like, and thats your way of saying 'i've got my demons but they dont rule me'
  5. myjade84

    myjade84 Member

    I'm happy for you girl! Congratulations for your brand new life.
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